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  1. Andrew: Same as everyone above....need to get with Phil at G&H hes got the colors dailed in. Pick his brain. Plus the interior of his car is self decorated in a 70's disco theme. He is a Colorful "Guy"!!! Scott
  2. Todd...Let a few by and send them up this way, we'll have something waiting on them! Catch em up! Capt. Scott ONCC
  3. On Course

    Jose Wejebe

    Heard about this yesterday. Truly terrible and my thoughts are with his friends & family. I really enjoyed watching his show and a have alot of respect for his approach to conservation. Godspeed Capt. Scott ONCC
  4. Amazing! Great footage!!! Capt. Scott ONCC
  5. On Course

    New Tournament! "Rockfish Rumble"

    If anyone is looking for crew members let me know. We have some boat "Teams" looking for crew members and some solo anglers looking to get on "Teams". 1st Annual "Rockfish Rumble" Dec. 2nd thru Dec. 4th. 2011 Capt. Meet 6pm Friday Dec. 2nd. Contact Info: www.rockfishrumble.com Capt. Scott ONCC
  6. On Course

    New Tournament! "Rockfish Rumble"

    Bob, www.rockfishrumble.com Capt. Scott ONCC
  7. On Course

    New Tournament! "Rockfish Rumble"

    Bob & Phil: Thanks for posting and questions. Just a quick reply. You can weigh up to 4 fish per day. At conclusion total combined weight wins. Captains meeting on Friday Dec. 2nd @ 6pm, lines in at 7pm. 1st "Weigh In" Sat Dec. 3rd @ noon, final "Weigh In" on Sun Dec. 4th @ noon. Party Sat night. There are 4 Calcuttas, "Big Fish", "Lady Angler", "Junior Angler" and "Military Angler". Entry fee $200.00 per Team, Calcuttas $50.00. You can depart from any Va port. All fish must be weighed in at "Vinings Landing Marina" (old Taylor's Landing)! All State and Federal laws apply. Hope to see you guys there! There's gonna be one heck of a BBQ on Saturday. I will have website reconfigured this week with all the info. Thanks, Capt. Scott ONCC
  8. George....Still here brother. Good to hear from you. Great to see the ones that deserve credit get it! Keep it up boys!!! Capt. Scott ONCC
  9. Could'nt agree more! 100% Top Shelf Material in all three companies. Old school customer service ingrained in these guys! Plus I've fished with them all and their mighty damn good also. There is a lot of companies out there to choose from, but you wont find that many that have a commitment to customer service in the tone these guys do. I've personally called all 3 of them up in a last minute " I needed it yesterday mode" and had it hand delivered. Remember I'm in LC and G&H is in NC!!!!!!!!!! Capt. Scott ONCC
  10. Bob, Good luck to you and to all that's heading out this weekend. Catch em up! Capt. Scott ONCC
  11. Heading out Saturday as well. Leaving from LC. Got room for one. Capt.Scott ONCC
  12. Stopped over to BPS and listened to Capt. Todd's seminar. That cat is "Top Notch". Great Job Skipper. Capt. Scott ONCC
  13. Hate hearing news like this! Here's to a safe return for them all. Capt. Scott ONCC