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  1. Lots of fish being caught. Nothing hot and heavy, but there are some. I went out two weekends ago and managed to squeeze one out. 47". we just bought a house in Great Bridge so all of my free time has been working on that......hope to get out maybe one night this weekend.
  2. pier had 25+ this past weekend, 21 of them were citaitons, several were caught off the beach, heard the pier did it again yesterday with a bunch of fish. i know of 6 caught off the beach. seems like an early push...
  3. ISLANDER80 you do exist! LOL. me and steve (aka captain ron) were talking about you the other day. hope you and the family are doing well.
  4. annual family vaca, only had one decent night where the wind blew East, which meant i could take the family down to the island and shark fish. we had two bite offs and one healthy big girl at 92". Sand tiger, tagged and released.
  5. thanks for the weekly reports BA, just an FYI, the Coyote population is becoming an issue at BBNWR. mostly at night until a week or so ago, my buddy was fishing down there in the middle of the day and had a coyote circling his pier cart, DURING THE DAY. Just an FYI
  6. good report and awesome to hear that you guys had that much luck!
  7. Since I have been MIA from this forum for quite some time, i wanted to share a few pictures of what i have been doing/catching over the past few years.... Here are just a few: Summer of 2016 - 56lb cobia, on the beach Summer of 2016 - biggest King Mack caught and weighed for a citation in the VA SWFT Spring 2017 - Hatteras 52 incher 2015 Spring - 46" Striper 2016 Fall 53" Drum, new personal best
  8. Hey BA, hope you and the grand kids are well. I see a lot of fishing on the Peninsula now, are you living up there now? its time to start fishing BBNWR if you know what i mean.
  9. if its the same beach im thinking of bring a long rod and float something live out, cobia are catchable off that beach during certain times of the year.
  10. So i just discovered that my work network allows me back on this site. How is everyone doing!?! Tony need to unpin that 2013 post and let me start another!
  11. Sandbridge is your only good option. Check it out on a map, the man roads that run south turn a little, after that you can park a long the beach road and the side streets. FYI - targeting sharks is against the law in va beach, you will catch them though, heavy mono is better then wire, not as obvious....good luck!
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