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  1. We were there on the same night. Slow action 8:30-11:00, only caught 2 by casting. At 12am it started, in 30minutes we caught another 10. 20-23".
  2. A question about the license requirements. I have saltwater boat license, does it allow to use cast net? or I have to get the addional license--saltwater recreational cast net license? From VMRC website I feel that the saltwater fishing license itself should allow me to use a cast net, isn't it?
  3. saw a 50"+ in someone's boat at the Messick point boat ramp. Maybe caught near grandview area.
  4. Since it is a long drive for me, more than 3 hrs before memorial day and nightmare after that. I'd love to catch some big fish but if not, a cooler full of croakers is ok too. So I wonder, are there plenty of them already? or when will that be?
  5. We did OK last Saturday night at HRBT bay side casting 4" storms and 3.5" Rat-L-Trap close to the bridges. If you stay there long enough (5pm-11pm), you will catch plenty.
  6. nightrunner

    Cruiser or Walkaround

    What makes you "rarely" use the bow area? Is it because 1. difficult to stand on/sit on and cast? 2. difficult to walk to?(the rails at the walkway look pretty low on a lot of 21-24'WA), thinking 5'9", 200 lbs of weight leaning/pushing against them while anchorded in 3-4 foot of waves? 3. Or just no need to fish from there? So, my understanding is :1. with a cruiser you can never fish from the bow. 2. WA is good for one night on the water which is just what I need. don't have that many vacation days anyway.
  7. nightrunner

    Cruiser or Walkaround

    I have an old 20' CC and am thinking about upgrade to a cruiser or W/A. If cruiser, 24-25', 8'6", W/A, 21-24, 8'6", because they have to be towable and less than 6000 lbs. My truck's towing rating is 9500 lbs but I think 6000 lbs is practical. But the question is, for a W/A, you can fish the bow(by squeezing thru that narrow path). But the cabin is really nothing more than a place to hide away from the rain. and i think it will be too hot in the summer. For a cruiser, can you go to the bow and stand there? The cabin is much nicer and I can really sleep there. Or, a pilot house? The boat will be used on the potomac and in the bay, for fishing. Thanks!
  8. I went to HRBT this afternoon and did OK there. The wave was not high but one boat passed me on my side while I was anchored. It really rocked the boat. Caught one 19" spotted trout. When I left at 5pm, I saw many boats coming, and by 5:30pm the water under HRBT is like a boat parking lot, so many boats doing nightfishing there!
  9. Thank you for all your replies. I have been to CBBT during the summer months a few times this year. It is always the waves made by some big boat passing by that touched my nerves. --I only go when the weather forecast says the wind is less than 10mph. Also, I feel the boat is safter when it is running. While I was fishing, occasionally I need turn my boat quickly with paddles to dodge the incoming waves, mostly generated by larger boats. So, for this fall striper fishing, can I say, watch the NOAA forecast, when the wave is less than 2ft and wind less than 15knots, I can go to CBBT. Otherwise, not go or stay in the river (James/Back river)? I have a 20ftcc seahunt triton and I go to cbbt to fish. You just have to pick your days. And watch the weather if you can believe the weather guy,because sometimes he's wrong. And thats good and bad. You just need to know your limit and the boats limit. GOOD LUCK <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. I am new to saltwater fishing. I have a 20ft center console with a 7.5ft beam and 20" transom, 15degree V. The motor is a 1988 johnson 150gt, used it abut 20 times this year with no problem. But will I get more trouble in the winter? I wonder under what wind condition (how many mph?) can I go to the CBBT area safely. Thank you!