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    Sea-in Pristine / Bayscout 240
  1. This boat has been an excellent boat for fishing in the local rivers and Chesapeake Bay. It has been stored on trailer at my home and the motor flushed / salt water rinsed off everything after each use. Motor has 290 hours. It is a great all around boat for just about anything due to it's design. Add some custom curtains and you will be set for this winter rockfish season. Price including trailer: 39,900. Complete description: One owner 2008 Scout Bayscout 240 center console bay boat with 4 stroke Yamaha 250hp outboard motor and tandem axle aluminum trailer. This boat was special ordered with the following options: 2 13" seat extentions, 2 tempress seats, 3 base plates (2 in rear and 1 on bow), aerated bow live well, aerated recirculating release well, bow cushion, flats hydraulic jack plate, JBL AM/FM stereo w/ipod jack and 4 speakers, leaning post back rest, porta potti, rear deck backrest cushion, recirculating rear bait well, T-Top enclosure, T-Top w/ observation opening, Troll motor plug w/ batteries and onboard charger and trim tabs. A VHF radio with antenna, T-Top electronics box, detachable ladder mount, keel guard and skeg guard have been added. The boat comes with a tandem axle aluminum Venture trailer with torsion suspension and aluminum wheels. I have upgraded tires to Goodyear radials, lights to sealed leds and brakes to stainless rotors and stainless brake lines. This boat has plenty of storage and is very versatile. I have used the boat in shallow water fishing, deep water fishing, water sports and diving with no problems. For more info., contact David at 804-695-1111.
  2. I live in the northern area of Gloucester and my neighbor is a commercial crabber. He mentioned someone recently catching in that area(mouth of the Poropatank which is across from Croaker Landing). I would not recommend venturing up the Poropatank unless you are familiar with it. I have been on the Poropatank many times as there is a landing on it near where I live but hit muddy bottom many times until I had the unmarked channel memorized. Plenty of deep channel in the York up this way though. Be careful with the regulations in West Point at the bridges. I know in the spring season you are not allowed to keep any from north side of the bridges as the Mattaponi and Pamunkey rivers are spawning grounds. There is also a landing by the Mattaponi bridge in West Point. Lots of shallow by Croaker Landing and West Point, so be careful. I haven't had much luck on the York myself but the Rappahanock river seems to do well in the fall. I well be headed over that way soon. I am thinking of launching from Waterview and heading down river and back. Buoys "6" and "8" are very popular.
  3. From the bridge the first pier is the Coast Guard training station. You will then pass an underwater pipe with a marker at the end believed to attrack fish due to warm water being pumped out from the refinery. The Amoco pier is then close and usually has a big tanker docked. A couple weeks ago as I approached the pier another boat pulled in two at the same time next to us and they appeared to be twenty some inches. I believe they were trolling stretches. I had not started trolling yet and it made me sick as I was sure my boat had just passed over them. I am thinking of starting there Friday morning and working accross the bay to the concrete ships to drop some live eels. Good luck!
  4. I'm pretty discouraged as well. I have fished largemouth on resevoirs and bottom fished the York for years and almost always come home with fish. I have invested a small fortune in a new boat and gear for the new adventure of fishing for some "big Bass". I have been out twice and got skunked. Once with a friend and this Sat. with my wife. I had a plan to go to Plantation light, CBBT and back to York Spit near Back Creek where I launched. As soon as I got to York Spit there must have been 50 boats and seagulls diving, so I stopped. I saw small fish jumping near the boat. Started trolling 2 umbrellas and 2 stretches. I cast spoons and storms but nothing. I tried bottom fishing eels at Cape Charles but nothing and noticed others fishing them on floats. Went to the CBBT and nothing but a snagged and lost rig and near collision with the bridge trying the new trim tab trolling motors and fly fishing. When I got back to the landing, a guy asked me what I caught. I said we didn't and he seemed surprised. Said he caught 6 at York Spit. Bottom line, my wife says I was trying too hard. I spent a lot of time moving and not to mention a lot of gas. Looks like I should of just stayed at York Spit. Positive notes are that boating is better for us than being "couch potatoes". I find it is good exercise as we have to stay alert. I just need to enjoy being out and not care about catching and thats probably when I will catch. Hang in there, Dave
  5. Sounds like undergroundweather.com was right again. Wind forcast for Cape Henry zip code: 23459 was 15+ mph from the north around noon. Sound right?
  6. Hey guys. New to the forum here. I'm a rookie when it comes to fishing for the "big-uns". Looks like you guys share a lot of helpful info. I went out to the CBBT on the Sat., 11/24 like a lot of you guys but got skunked. I had a friend with experience and beginners luck on my side but still nothing. News was that they fed on the full moon the night before and the "big-uns" had not headed south yet. I like to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. I planned my trip with undergroundweather.com. If you click on the details of a forcast for a day, it will break down a wind direction and speed every 3 hours. That Saturday, the forcast seemed to be correct as the wind calmed down in the afternoon when I headed to the CBBT. Only time will tell if it continues to be accurate. See you guys out there. I will be out again in a week or two. My Bayscout 240 is named "Sea-in Pristine". I know it sounds sissy but my wife's name is Pristine.