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  1. Colt

    Happy Birthday Tony!!!

    Happy Birthday, brother...Tight lines.
  2. SOLD! Sorry!
  3. Colt

    Why to buy a Regulator

    Saw this article and had to share it. Colt http://www.ack.net/missingboatfoundinspain012412.html
  4. Colt

    Capt Jeff Frucci

    Have a great birthday...here's to you!
  5. Colt

    Long Sleeve Ts

    Any fat guy sizes left? If not I may need a shot glass first to drink myself skinny.
  6. Colt

    Happy Birthday !

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes...you all like me...you really, really like me.
  7. Andrew, I'm still stationed here but I have had a travel schedule that rivaled yours for the past year or so. Some of it was good and some not so much. Just a couple examples...Hawaii last month...but Traverse City, MI in January.
  8. Lets go...somebody take me fishing. Oh by the way...I'm still alive.
  9. 1st Mate give me a call and I will see what I can do. A buddy of mine is the one who built that rack for Doug as well as the one for my truck. The dude used to work for a welding company in Edenton, NC, but is no longer there. I will find out if he has the ability at his new job. If not, the guys that are at his old shop may want a side hussle. They do great work. Colt 252-202-4724
  10. Colt

    Happy Birthday, BobDu

    Happy Birthday Bob!
  11. Thanks for the call...Pops and I had a great time. Here is Michael and Paul.