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  1. Does anybody know what channel the speckled trout show is coming on today at 3:00pm if you have Cox Cable?
  2. June 9th went to back river reef and caught croaker until we got tired. We filled up our aquarium.
  3. Thanks for the info, it was very helpful.
  4. Can anyone give me the coordinates for the tower reef. And about how far is it off Rudee Inlet? I understand they are closer than the Triangle Reefs. Thanks
  5. How long does it take to get to the Triangle Wrecks from rudee Inlet? I know it depends on speed, but what is an estimate. Thank You.
  6. Need advice. Never caught a cobia before and have only gone one time fishing for them. Do you net them or gaff them? And any other advice you could give me about cobia fishing.
  7. I never fished for flounder with a gulp. I would like to know what kind and color of the gulp you are using. Is it shrimp or mullet?
  8. bobby3474

    Gas From Last Season

    I have old gas from last season about 70 gals. which is about half of a tank. Do I need to burn most of the old gas out before adding new gas for this season? I always added marine stablilizer to gas anytime I added gas last season. Would like your opinions. Thank You
  9. Thank you to the fishermen who answered How long does it take? It was a big help. I think I am going to make the run now. Thanks again.