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  1. I think that ORF also said something about TSA and Homeland Security issues being involved which is total BS because you can fish right up to the end of the runway at REAGAN NATIONAL with no problems...City Limits Fishing on Versus and OLN did a show the other day with RN jets on short final right above their heads about 200 yards from the runway...
  2. OK...now that the money is in your pockets...lets hear it all...tell us about how you won, where you fished...there's gotta be some funny stories and pranks that were pulled...pics? Come on...lets hear it...
  3. Buddy of mine had a 2000 FICHT 225...5...count'em...5 powerheads in a year and a half...I was running the boat when one of them had a catastrophic failure, pieces of the powerhead thru the cowling on the way back in from the CLT...after the 3rd powerhead he demanded and got a free SEATOW membership from the dealer...eventually he was going to take them to court (threatened)and take out a full page ad in the Va Pilot and they re-powered his boat with Yamaha...like Keith said, no engine is without its problems and I've had them all but right now I would not consider any other engine on the market other than a Suzuki...I've got 2, an 06 DF250 on the 28 and an 08 DF175 on the SeaCraft SC20...AWESOME ENGINES...
  4. BEACH


    Costa's...had them ten years and not a scratch on them, been back for repairs three times (fixed free once, other two my fault) customer service was excellent but had a couple of problems, but now they seem to have their stuff together again, no problems this time...wouldn't wear anything else...Blue Mirror Wave EX11
  5. After getting all my sea time, all my docs in order, pee'ing in a cup, getting poked and prodded, staying up late at night studying and paying all my money...Finally...Finally I got my Captains License in the mail yesterday...I am now an honest to goodness USCG Licensed Near Coastal OUPV Operator.....OK...that and $5 will get me a cup of Starbucks LOL...so...do I now go into business for myself or try to work for someone else?
  6. BEACH

    Used boat

    TOO MANY GOOD DEALS OUT THERE TO SETTLE...keep looking...they buy a lot of salvage boats and its hit or miss...
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else was planning on fishing on Sunday? There are a few of us that are fishing the Wounded Warrior II on Sunday with 18-20 Wounded Warriors from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq...was wondering if anyone else were on the water that you might be talked into doing a little recon for us. Everyone seems to think the deal is to run NORTH like some have lately...maybe if some ran NORTH and a few of us ran south we might have a better chance of putting these guys on some fish...any ideas people? We could monitor radio traffic in an effort to coordinate this effort...I'll be watching the boards fishing reports hard today and tomorrow...if anyone wants to share some fish Intel you can also try my cell at 757-450-9480... Beach
  8. Good report...thanks...maybe I'll just go eeling tonight and troll some in the am for rocks...put the family on some fish maybe...
  9. Might want to venture out to the FISH HOOK to try for some BFT Saturday AM, thinking this time of year, water temps and all might be a good idea to buddy boat it...I've got a 28CC with curtains, might bundle up and head out of Rudee...not that far of a run to the FH...plan on trolling some Islanders WWWTFB and maybe some Hoos and a Natural and a R/W Cedar plug or two on a downrigger...anybody thinking the same thing I am...this is NOT A SURE THING YET...just testing the water... I can run at 30-32MPH but would rather cruise at 26-28... All I have is TLD 25s on customs and Monster Spins...might try jigging too...I know I'm a little undergunned but I've done pretty good on YFT with them before...just not quite that big...thinking fish in the 100+ lb range... Beach
  10. So...wheres the FISH HOOK? havent heard that one...Most of my fishing is inshore but I might try BFT if they are in close...boats full of cheap fuel, batteries charged...I'm ready...
  11. Dropped a little song on me...SUPPOSEDLY there MIGHT be a LBFT as in Little Blue Fin Tuna bite out a little past the CLT...SUPPOSEDLY they are feeding on Sand Eels and might be a little finnicky but might also take a lure if presented right...anybody heard this as well? Will keep looking at the WX...might make the run...anyone else hear this bird? I'm not looking to get spooled or broke by a GBFT but fish in the 80-120# class would be something I'd like to put Noah onto...anybody game? Beach
  12. After attending the Finfish Advisory Board meeting last night I'm just going to throw this out there... I don't want this to come across as a personal attack on Mr Jack Travelstead, I'm sure he has done his best however I am going to make what I see as observations and conclusions. I feel strongly that Virginians and the VMRC should have better representation in the position currently being held by Mr Travelstead. It is my opinion and conclusion drawn from listening to his position and comments that he is being used by the powers that be within Maryland and at the same time the VCBA to accomplish their bidding. I do not feel he is a strong enough negotiator to do the job this demands of him. I keep hearing over and over about how NC refuses to budge, Maryland refuses to play and whatever we come up with has to be approved by them...this screams of a WEAK NEGOTIATOR...nothing meant personally Mr Travelstead...I don't think your the one for the job...We need someone in there that will take the powers that be in Maryland and NC by the throat and look them deep into the eyes and tell them...especially Maryland...we want to get along...Maryland Capts are at every turn attempting to skirt Va and federal regs by fishing outside the EEZ and or leaving Maryland ports and taking limits far in excess of Va regs and returning to Maryland ports (Baitman said...Va votes to limit grouper and tilefish catches for recs & comms but then a huge fishery develops based out of MD with NO REGS and targets fish off of VA waters with no limits. I am not sure how many of you know exactly how many snowies and tiles were taken by MD boats this past summer but it was staggering.) We need a level playing field for everyone...OPEN YOUR WATERS TO US...WE OPEN OUR WATERS TO YOU...if not...WE CLOSE OUR WATERS TO YOU, DEMAND YOU PAY OUT OF STATE LICENSE FEES AND FINE YOU ON THE FIRST OFFENSE, REVOKE FOR ONE YEAR ON THE SECOND OFFENSE AND BAN YOU FROM VIRGINIA WATERS FOR LIFE ON THE THIRD OFFENSE...I want a VMRC negotiator with some backbone... Over and over I keep hearing that if passed this proposal must then be approved by Maryland in order to be put into force. Since when does another state dictate what we can and cant do. I heard that Maryland would throw out a carrot in the form of a few more licenses for Virginia Captains (approx. 12 additional licenses) over and above what they currently allow to fish in their waters..12...twelve...two more than ten...and if they find that that number along with the currently grandfathered captains are in their opinion negatively effecting their fishery then they reserve the right to renege on the agreement. This sounds a whole lot like the tail wagging the dog. Again...I want a VMRC negotiator with some backbone... Factor in that this issue was brought about by a special interest group the VCBA in the first place who have approached Mr Travelstead and possibly others at the VMRC to do their bidding. Lets look at the numbers...you cant...no one had real numbers to present other than estimates. So heres mine...120 members of the VCBA...I couldn't get a real number out of either their website or the president of the VCBA. Their website says over 100 so I'll use 120...just a handful of them are effected by Maryand's actions...say 30...so we are enacting sweeping change for the benefit of 30? VCBA president stated last night that 100% of the VCBA was for this, however I found 3 VCBA members present who were dead set against it. The same VCBA president then stated he believed that 100% or nearly 100% of Virginia's Charter Boat Captains were in favor of the measure and that most of them would weigh anchor and haul azz up to Maryland to take advantage of the Spring Striper Season... Lets not forget that this is what its about...Marylands Spring Striper Season...its all I can surmise...I kept hearing over and over that "we cant go up there in the spring" How many of the Rudee and Lynnhaven fleet boats will run all the way up there to fish? According to the president of the VCBA...most of you will... I would also like a VMRC negotiator who knows what we fish for in April...who knows the Virginia Fishery and the people he serves...
  13. Congrats Knot'Wish'n....I passed mine a little while back...have acquired all my time and will be submitting my package real soon...have you taken the First Aid adn CPR course requirements yet? If not...b-mail me I've got the hook up... Beach
  14. Keith, You are a breath of fresh air on this issue. I would love to see you at the VMRC meeting telling the powers that be what you said above...YOU NAILED IT...ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT... No I don't want to take charters out fo your cockpit...just the opposite...I would refer them to you if they wanted your services and I will...however, if you want to go eeling at the tube with a couple of your buddies, at midnight until 0'Dark Thirty, or make a quick run to the south tower, inshore bumping for flounder with the boss, fish the lights on the Lesner when the schoolies are stacked up so tight you can walk on them...I'd be your guy...Drumming at 3am on the 9 foot shoals with your son and a buddy, I'm your guy...wanna fly fish Rocks...yep I'm your guy...wanna name your species, bring your own tackle...wanna 6 pack to the canyon? Call Keith at....better yet let me call him for you... Thanks man... Beach
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