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  1. Hi Simon: I'd be honored to take any vet fishing. I'm all saltwater though, mostly Chesapeake Bay and offshore. I have a 31'Cabo I will be keeping at Little Creek once this weather breaks and a couple kayaks I fish the back waters with. You can contact me via e-mail at jckranch@epix.net or via phone 717-847-7076.
  2. My wife and I fished the CBBT yesterday. A little cold for her in the morning so we didn't get out there until about 9:30 AM. Lots of boats, looked like about 1/3 tog and the rest striper fishing. Mary is more of a bottom fisherman so we anchored at the second island on the ocean side by the bridge pilings. She was into tog right away on green crab. Most were under 16" but we did manage 3 keepers. Love eating those tog. I spent most of the day casting various soft baits to the rocks but didn't catch any stripers. I also had an ell out on a float about 10' down and it wasn't touched. We did see 3 or 4 school size stripers caught. Two were by guys anchored and casting to the rocks and a couple were by boats working soft plastic jigs right in front of our boat. At the ramp I saw a guy who said he had gotten his limit but did not see the size of the fish.
  3. The wife and I fished a near shore wreck (15 miles) yesterday, 10-22. She was catching one on every drop and I was kept busy baiting her hook with crab. She caught at least 30 but only one keeper. All the fish were 14-15". Tried various sections of the wreck looking for keepers but no luck. Probably should have moved to another wreck but it's hard to move when you're having fun catching. Ran out of bait at 1 and headed in.
  4. Just wait until the ZOMBIE outbreak
  5. My wife and I fished out of Lynnhaven yesterday (Friday 10-11) Started out trolling Stretch 25 from 1st island to the Big " D"- nothing. Stopped at the Big "D" and dropped some fiddlers - nothing. Drifted bay side of 3rd island with flounder and drum rigs - nothing. Anchored over tunnel by 4th island and was overrun buy bluefish. Couldn't get a bait to the bottom without catching one. I switched over to a plug and must have caught 30+, lots of fun and kept a half dozen for Montauk Crab Cakes. We did see a guy catch a keeper red. Mover to ocean side of 3rd island still couldn't keep a drum bait out because of bluefish. Called it a day. Beautiful day on the water and enough fish for a couple dinners.
  6. I'll be fishing either Sunday or Monday, trying for flounder early then hopefully setting up for reds. This constant N-NE wind has made it tough for me to judge the sea conditions. Last Monday it was supposed to be NE at 10 with seas 2'. My wife and I hit Lynnhaven in the morning and found a wall of blowing white caps. We fished inside Lynnhaven and caught spot until about 3:30 when it calmed down enough to get out. Fished for reds till 6 without a bite.
  7. What a bunch of miserable olds f
  8. Well Marina Girl I've been thinking the striper fishing hasn't been up to par this year so I went back through your reports and found the following from last year: Posted 21 December 2012 - 11:17 AM 12/20 STRIPER, 42LBS, WILLIAM MILLIGAN, III, GREEN CAN, LURE STRIPER, 54LBS, JANICE GARDNER, FISHERMANS ISLAND, LURE STRIPER, 46LBS, JOHN WESLEY CHAPLAIN, EASTERN SHORE, BAIT 12/19 STRIPER, 47", MICHAEL MEREDITH, "QUOTA", HIGH LEVEL, EEL 12/15 STRIPER, 45", 45", BLAKE MCGOWAN, "BILL OF SAIL", BAY, EEL STRIPER, 44", DARELL GRIFFIN, "BILL OF SAIL", BAY, LIVE BAIT Makes you sade to think what's happening to our stripers
  9. My daughter lives in V.B. and I follow the forums and occassionally post from my home in Pennsylvania. You guys have a lot more fishing opportunity there than we do. I look forward to your reports, photos and videos. Lately there's nothing posted by advertisements. Did everybody drop out of this website?
  10. Unbelieveable that I got a chance to fish with you guys while I was down from Pennsylvania over the holiday. Jeff and his 2 sons from Lucky Dawg, Bob, Otter, Scallywag and the rest treated me like one of the family. Add to that perfect weather and all those Mahi-Mahi, it just doesn't get any better then that for me. Hopefully I can repay the favor sometime soon. Tight lines to everyone on this board.
  11. You have probably wondered what will invade your area next. Well I'm from Pennsylvania and have 3 daughters. 2 currently live in Western VA and the 3rd, Kaitlin, is now buying a house in Virginia Beach. She's a Fort Schuyler (SUNY Maritime) graduate working as an officer on a Super Tanker out of Valdez, Alaska. I mention this because I have seen in the past that several of you are Fort Schuyler grads. She thinks that because she has an unlimited tonnage license she can run my boat better them me, and since she usually catches bigger fish that she's a better fisherman. I really doubt it! Hopefully once she gets settled I'll be bringing the boat down for extended periods to get involved in some of the fantisic fishing I'm always reading about on this blog. It's amazing how many more species of game fish you have there only 300 miles south of me. Over Memorial Day weekend my wife, dog and I are coming down to check out the new house before Kate settles on it. I was hoping I might hook up with one of you guys to HO over the holiday, inshore/offshore it doesn't matter to me. I take a lot of people out on my boat up here so I know the rules and play by them. One way or the other I plan on making a stop at Murphy's for a cold one and introduce myself. Hopefully there won't be as much bitching about my 3 daughters, all in their 20's, moving into Va as there has been about the Snakeheads invading the Potomic River.
  12. Don't wory about the spelling. I'd rather bring home a stripper then a striper anyday!
  13. Angler - I'll be headed for 26 Mi. Hill then out toward the NorFork. I'll be heading out of Wachapreague on Sunday and Monday. I usually just monitor CH16 so raise me up and I'll switch over to another channel. Boat name "Emerald Isle" 21' Everglades.
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