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  1. Nice job on the Mako Buddy, that's some great grill fair.
  2. Nice Job, I was on Still Think'n and couldn't believe we only got one out of all those two tones and the great marks all day. Again congrats putting tuna pullage to the new to tuna pulling.
  3. I cant touch ballyhoo! I have allergies! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Too bad, Eric. If ya can't rig ballyhoos ya can't crank tuna.
  4. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    Sweet, watching the game is gonna be good after the bloodletting we deliver in OI sat. Dead Tuna and Upset Pats Fans.
  5. Those are some nice fish, congrats. After this weekend of Tuna slaying I'll be ready for some slobs. Thanks for the report.
  6. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    After seeing what The Ravens almost did to the Pats I don't think we will have a problem. Jags: no prob. Rams: no prob. Ravens: Definelity won't be a problem. Turds will choke consistently from here on out.
  7. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    I hope not I've been talkin' much trash. WOW Ravens just held the pats on a power drive to 3.
  8. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    What's that Jeff? What in the World Happened............What Went WRONG?????? GO STEELERS By The Way: We went 2 ahead for the div champ today. Might as be 3 ahead though, we've beat ya twice so tiebreaker procedures in place.
  9. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    Bengals played good........but not good enough. 9-3 GO STEELERS
  10. Scallywag

    Good fun...

    Good to meet ya too dude, that M&G was off the hook..........I had a headache Sat morning..........Damn Jager
  11. Scallywag

    How to keep VBSF online for years to come.

    Lets all sport the Marlin in our supporter status.
  12. Scallywag

    Official Dolphins Thread

    poor fins fans
  13. Scallywag

    DCS Radio setup

    What is the deal with setting it up. I know very little about it. Thanks in advance for any help. -Colin
  14. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    I pull for the Fins everytime they play (almost). It pains me to see their record.
  15. Scallywag


    oooooohh SSSexyyyyyy.........I can see why young boys like him.........duh.....lol I have a headache good M&G.........last night
  16. Scallywag

    Support the Recreational Boating Act of 2007

    Probably never because the politicians need to to keep voting themselves raises.
  17. Scallywag


    Capt Fatbeard:(def) A plump wanna be fisherman that is a relative of Capt. Phallus, The Gay Pirate. Fatbeard is known to run a ship that is suspect of kidnapping young boys and putting them into sexual servitude. Fatbeard is also known to vomit at the site of a fair lass.
  18. Scallywag

    more work going on for lil GIGOLOT

    Mike's Marine Custom Canvas on Great Neck does awesome work. He's done glass for our Grady White and for Bob's boat Still Think'n. Very satisfied.
  19. Scallywag


    Fatbeard=TURD SUCKER
  20. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

  21. Nice Fish, sounds like a good fight on the light tackle. Thanks for the report

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