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  1. Scallywag

    ITS ON!!

    100 pushups for Capt Fatbeard when the Steelers hand New England their 1st loss.............or me in the remote chance we lose to them, which is not likely since we only lose to slouches.
  2. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    Don, not really, we played the whole game in fins territory.
  3. Scallywag

    ITS ON!!

    Jeff, we're gonna have paramedics there to give you oxygen while you perform the task. TURDS SUCK and will lose 3 more games.
  4. Scallywag

    Sean Taylor

    What a shame, condolences to his family, friends and fans.
  5. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    STEELERS WIN THE MUD BOWL!! I heard after the game that the cheerleaders would be wrestling around midfield ..........I'm off to Heinz Field.
  6. Scallywag

    ITS ON!!

    Cool 200 pushups to watch
  7. Scallywag

    bobdu11 Fishing Trip Palm Beach

    Nice sail dude. Sorry to hear about the sick fam.
  8. Scallywag

    DCS Radio setup

    Thanks for the replies. Eric, I wasn't thinking of interfacing w/ gps but maybe I should.
  9. Scallywag

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  10. I voted and sent an email. Wasn't to hard. Come on VBSF'ers. Let's get this DONE!
  11. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    Jeff put your $ where your mouth is! 50 buck says Browns don't finish top in our Division. Not a cash redemable bet though, only redemable in J?germeister or Yukon Jack.
  12. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    My boys played like crap yesterday. We will correct before NE and hand them their 1st loss.
  13. That's awesome Mike, Glad they got into them and way to go on the 100%.
  14. No kidding Bob I was just looking at it. Lets hope for NE 15-20 inshore saturday. That will get me off work.
  15. I cant gaff ...........hell, I cant even get offshore..........what does bluewater look like? Stupid work. Oh and how many citations have I handed off? no more.
  16. I miss you too Brian, Pay me $75,000 a year and I'll be there every trip.
  17. Scallywag

    Possible restaurant sponsor

    Duh dat was a guud plce ta eet
  18. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    Gotta give it to the turds. They looked much better than week 1. We got it done though. 7-2 half way thru. GO STEELERS
  19. Nice Wahoo. With that Sat shot I can't believe there were no tuna. If there was any to be had you would've gotten them.
  20. Scallywag

    The Official Steelers Thread

    I want to watch the turds going down with some turd fans but none of them will answer the texts that I sent them..........figures, they probably already know the outcome. GO STEELERS
  21. Scallywag


    Sorry for your loss Keith. You've met Max, I think, I can't imagine if I lost him. Good luck with the new puppy. -Colin

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