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  1. I second this! A Great day offshore. Thanks Jeff and crew for an EPIC DAY.
  2. What a great day! Just so everyone understands why I have a personal vendetta against Makos. Watch this video!
  3. The crew went out this morning hunting the ever elusive wahoo. I opted to make money today. Good luck to my crew! Bring that wahoo bounty and we shall celebrate with pints o' grog abouts Ye bargola! Arrrrrr.
  4. Still hellava good time tho! Arrrrr.....
  5. Tuna are north of the Washington. Good luck bro!! I gotta work
  6. OOOH Cant wait!! going to bed really soon
  7. Scallywag

    I think it's fishable out there....

    Give me the call Bob. I'm ready!
  8. Nice Haul. Feels good to have a freezer Full of Tuna.
  9. Scallywag

    Free To A Good Home

    I hate to do this because he is a good dog, but, Murphy my beagle mix has to go. He would make a good hunting dog. I am saying this because he keeps killing the rabbits that frequent my backyard.I'm ok with it but Sandy and my daughters get rather upset. He is fixed, housebroken, and has had all his shots.
  10. Scallywag

    Free To A Good Home

    Thanks anyway John. If we cant find a home for him by fri he's going to the VB SBCA. 3 dogs is too much for us.
  11. Awesome Video Fellas. Congrats Mark !! what a great catch !!
  12. Nice Work Bob and Crew. Hate I had to miss this one.
  13. We haven't had a day like this since Nov. '06 I think. We had 7 in the box by 0800
  14. Scallywag

    Y KNOT

    Happy Birthday Jake. May you catch many fishy's !!
  15. The sat shot looks no good. cold water along th 100 fathom line.
  16. Thanks fellas ! Now I know the reason the Man in The Blue Suit is the pinnacle of sportfishing. 300 pounds was an awesome fight using stand-up gear. I couldn't have done it without the crew. That fish crushed the left short and took it across the whole spread and the lines were cleared with no tangles in what seemed like a matter of 1 minute. Bob is a boat driving master. This was the 3rd blue that I've been part of on Still Think'n and each one has taken some great boat driving to get the leader. Now it's your turn Mark. You are the Man for handing the rod to me.
  17. Weather Be Damned.......we're going Fishin' !!!!!
  18. The fishing yesterday couldn't be beat. We could never get a full spread out. The mahi were coming so often that I couldn't even drink a beer. I decided to take a break. I looked in the cooler and saw a bottle of BANANA BOAT SUNTAN OIL !! I IMMEDIATELY Jetisoned the offending item overboard! But it was too late..............first the ice..........and then the hub. Thanks for taking me fishing Bob.
  19. Scallywag

    Still Think'n Getting an Attitude

    Wow!! That's Awesome Bob. Makes the RAW bluefin I'm eating right now taste even better!!

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