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  1. I caught a bunch of fish....Not sure what your talking about---20 nice flounder so far up to 26". Spot and croaker are everywhere.
  2. Did OK yesterday at the 550 line...Had 4 on at one time none came tight. Went 2 for 7. Not very good but have some fresh YFT in January! Head boats came back with their limit out of OI.
  3. Is anyone going out of OI on friday?
  4. Is anyone thinking about going out og OI Friday? There is some nice water about 36 miles out over structure...thoughts?
  5. Have an anchor light from my old boat...The light is new...never used..has 3 prong on bottom..email me abrig005@gmail.com or 7576159026 thanks anthony.
  6. FNorFN

    US Airways Hudson River Landing

    That is a great rendition! Pasy to stay cool and calm!
  7. supposed to be a west wind saturday...not to good for BFT:(
  8. FNorFN

    Willoughby Boat Ramp

    if you use the new ramps on the right (if you are looking towards them) you should be fine. i have seen some large boats put in there but not a 29 footer. the channel is well marked and there is about 6-8 feet in the area around the ramp. follow the channel marker around ft.wool. do not use the small boat channel under the HRBT as you probably already know.
  9. those puppies look a little short
  10. Im going saturday or sunday looking for a BFT...nothing else to do!

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