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  1. hey capt,

    was wondering if you are still looking for anyone for offshore for wed. to help with gas and bait. I go offshore alot and got some tld 50's with 130 braid hollow core if extra gears are needed also. Looking forward from hearing from you..msg me here or call/txt me at 757-478-8684. thanks


  2. f1shing1slife

    WTB your chum churn

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a chum churn that's sitting in your garage collecting dust. Needs to be in great shape and I'm willing to pay $150 for is...thats right .. $150 thanks for looking glenn
  3. or txt me if u can..cause i'm really busy at work atm

  4. hey sam..give me a call..757-478-8684

  5. Hey Glenn if you decide to go out and need a ho for Sunday let me know!



  6. f1shing1slife

    OI Sunday?

    thinking of oi sunday but still got no crew..seem like everyone i know is busy sunday...anyone want to ho or need a ho? glenn
  7. f1shing1slife

    Lenco Trim Tab Actuator help!!!

    Need help on how to get to the actuator while the trim is closed up, and the actuator is no longer working but i can't pull down the trim in order to get to it. Does anyone have any experience in this field? Thanks for the help. glenn
  8. best way is to grill em skin and all..then it'll just peel right off.
  9. Worse then a theif, not buy much? I think they are way far by much. Up to the point of attempted murder. Who ever did that wanted to harm someone once they get on the road.
  10. Lowrance / Eagle PT-WSBK transducer PN: 90-93 for $30 new. Just got it online and it wasn't the right one. There is no mount for it. Email at f1shing1slife@aol.com for more info. thanks glenn
  11. f1shing1slife

    FOR SALE ..... Good deal on a jeep

    how the heck???? i am speechless
  12. f1shing1slife

    New Boat Arrived

    Gratz...seem like everyone is getting new rigs this fishing season.