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  1. shawley

    Xtratuf Boots

    I appreciate the information guys, that is what I'm looking for. Thanks, Shawn
  2. shawley

    Xtratuf Boots

    Anyone purchased a pair of these lately? I know they were one of the best at one point in time but I have read the quality is really poor now. I am looking for some non-marking rubber insulated boots, so if anyone can suggest a brand I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Shawn
  3. shawley

    2015 striper regulations?

    The new regulation card has been posted on the VMRC website. Also, here is a link to an article Ken Neill wrote. http://vbsf.net/2014/11/21/striped-bass-regulations-are-changing/
  4. shawley

    Offshore Jigging Setup

    Voodoo, that would be great. I can call or email you.
  5. shawley

    Offshore Jigging Setup

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. Craig, that link was awesome man. Lots of good information.
  6. I was in Hatteras last week on vacation and was lucky enough to go out on the Marlin Mania. We stopped and did some jigging which was loads of fun. After researching I see the question has been asked before about jigging setups. I see the Diawa saltist and trevala rods are recommended. Shimano stella and okuma also came up. Anyone heard of Canyon reels? I was wondering if someone could suggest a good setup just one more time. Thanks, Shawn
  7. Way to go on that citation sail! My family and I were in Hatteras last week for vacation. We booked a trip on Marlin Mania and he put us on the fish. We got Blackfin, Wahoo, Amberjack, and Dolphin. He even got me my first Blue Marlin. We had a blast. Good luck the rest of your stay.
  8. Any reports from the Cape Charles? I used to fish for flounder and have pretty good luck in that area. I haven't seen anyone post, so I thought I would ask. Thanks
  9. Good Job! At least you were out there and got some nice pullage. I have plenty of regrets about not going when the weather was just ok. As your topic says, just got to make to happen.
  10. shawley

    Crimping 101 video

    Andrew, Thanks for posting this. I am a crimping newbie so it gave me the basic understanding of what I need to do. Shawn
  11. Hey Black Pearl, can you give me some suggestions on the size/type/brand of split rings and hooks you upgraded to? I got the better split rings but was told if I changed the hooks it may throw off the action of the stretch 30. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Shawn
  12. shawley

    Stretch's for Bluefin

    What brand and size of split rings and hooks do you guys use to beef up a stretch 30. If I do that will the wire in the bill be a weak point? Maybe I should just get the 50.
  13. shawley

    Smack Talk!

    That's what I am talking about. I knew I could count on you two for some entertainment. Go get em boys, good luck.
  14. shawley

    Smack Talk!

    I usually see a lot of friendly smack talk before a tourney. Is anyone fishing the Shootout? I just wanted to say good luck to all! I will be out Friday after the 2pm lines out so I won't be in the way. Leave me a few smaller ones. Shawn
  15. Well after four years, I finally got to take my boat offshore. This was the main reason I got it. So my family and I are on vacation in Avon. The weather looked good enough so we went for it. I had my 7 year old step son, and not knowing how he would do we opted for a shorter run to the Smells Wreck. We trolled around the wreck and the weather buoy, here and there. Not even a knock down. Any ideas? Water too warm maybe? Never went below 83.I was disappointed because my son didn't get the excitement, but I know that's how it goes. He understands that too. I was happy to make it out and back, and I think it was a good run for my first time. To kick me when I was down both of my rear leaf springs on the trailer decided to break when we pulled out of Teaches. Many thanks to Foster's Boat Works, they took the trailer on short notice and will have it repaired in a few days. On a positive note, we fished the inlet and got to crank in a ton of small flounder. We may try another offshore trip so any suggestions on where to go would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks, Shawn