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  1. Look, I'm stating what my team and I observed and that was cheating by participants in this tournament...furthermore, I personally talked to Don regarding this issue. As previously stated, I trusted Don to handle the situation. I consider Don a friend and take him at his word. It has been stated that the winners passed a polygraph, fine, honest people won the tournament. Now regarding perception, that is an entirely different issue and unfortunately perception has a way of becoming fact, right or wrong. I know two people personally that are convinced that participants cheated and that the tournament directors did nothing to stop it. A boat was named on Friday, and they saw it fishing on Sat and they have it locked in their minds that the tournament directors should have disqualified the boat. Then there were the two men from another team in the parking lot at Fisherman's Warf on Friday evening that were very upset for similar reasons. Again, right or wrong, it does not matter, that is what they will be telling people when they get home. If the goal is to grow this tournament, then actions to weed out participants without integrity need to be accomplished constantly and make it understood that there is no recovery for those that cheat. To just discount their perceptions as being wrong is not going to advance the goals of the tournament. I don't have the answers, I'm fairly new to this, many of you have been doing this longer than me. I will say this, it was mentioned at the Captain's meeting that the tournament is going to look into allowing boats to launch from non Virginia ports next year. I believe this is a mistake. It is just going to make opportunities to cheat even greater and make the tournament folks job more difficult. Additionally, I believe some Virginia based boats will not participate, especially if similar conditions to this year exist. Why would VBSF sponsor a tournament that has boat launching out of North Carolina, primarily to take advantage of warmer waters to the south of Virginia.
  2. Bob, I'm not calling the tournament committe's actions into question. I know there were also honest anglers that participated in this tournament and they should be as outragged as me. What I am calling what we witnessed, and that was cheating by some participants of this tournament. If cheaters are not eliminated then they stink up the entire tournament and call the tournament into question. We saw teams drop their pennant and move outside the limit. We also witnessed boats return to the legal are and start flying tournament pennants. I personally called Don and told him what I was watching happen. If he said the committe was handling it that was good enough for me. But I watched cheating take place and wanted to voice what my team witnessed. Some on my team said let's drop out of the tournament and go catch fish. I told them that our team was in the tournament and we would not break the rules and I expect nothing less from all teams participating. When I ask people to join my team in the future, they will question what they witnessed and say why. I want to say that the incident was taken care of.
  3. My team fished the Challenge this year. Thought boundaries were set for a reason and that they would be enforced. How silly of me. On Friday, my team worked the 3 mile line north and south of Corolla. Initially, there were many boats in the area. However, by 0930 most of the boats moved to form a fleet of over 100 boats to the deep water (11-12 fathoms)over 4nm+ offshore at 3615N. Well outside the tournament boundaries. We even saw boats strike the tournament pennant before heading outside of the fishing area. My team continued fishing within the defined tournament boundary hoping that we might get a hit in the 36-42 depth within the boundaries. Around 1330, a Coast Guard C-130 flew over the fleet fishing outside of the 3nm mile limit and you thought you were in a ghetto apartment and someone turned on the kitchen light. The boats scattered like roaches. The once empty water around our boat became crowded and a few tournament pennants were raised again. We filed our complaint with the tournament rep, who said they would check the GPS of boats weighing fish. But anyone can clear tracks. Saturday, again we headed south. Made an initial stop off Corolla. Again, many boats initially, only to move back to the deeper water outside the legal and tournament boundaries (same as Friday). Soon there were just a couple of boats within the 3nm limit. We even watched as charter boats came down inside the three mile limit. Then head out to the fleet, fish for a few hours, return inside the three mile boundary, make three or more circle tracks inside the legal 3nm boundary limit, while cleaning fish and then head for home. We headed south looking for warmer water before calling it a day. The Frostbite Challenge got our teams' entry fee and calcutta money this year and I don't mind not coming out on top in a fair tournament, but this was anything but a fair tournament. Two words come to mind, cheating and stealing and that is what it is, stealing. Two members of my team drove down from New Jersey. The team spent a lot of money in addition to the entry fees and calcutta's and after witnessing the events of this tournament have no praise for the running of this event. Troubling comments spread very fast and will impact future tournament participation and sponsorships. There will have to be some major changes/enforcement of the rules to stop the blatant tournament rules and Fish and Game violations we witnessed. Unless this happens, I'll not enter another team in this tournament in the future. I'm not the only one that has expressed these concerns. Failure to act by the tournament committee will doom this tournament. David Hawkins
  4. Looking for the differences between the older Penn VSX reels and the new Penn VSW reels. I have been told the VSW reels are of a lower quality. thanks
  5. Class act as always....look forward to competing against you in the VA Bch Tuna Tourny in July.
  6. I have to agree, it was a great time. I served in the Air Force for 24 years and my son has done three combat tours with the 82nd Airborne Division in the sandbox and lost friends in combat. He was fortunate to come home in one piece. So it was very rewarding for my son and I to help a few vets have a good time fishing. Timing was'nt great for striper but we were albe to keep our Vets busy with croaker. This was the first time my guys had been on the bay. The lunch was good and the door prizes were awesome. I plan on volunteering again next time.
  7. Good luck guys...I'll be out there Sat-Sun but but not a part of the BWC...my initial crew fell apart...I think they are a bunch of tight wads, you can add a few other ajectives...I've got to find some reliable folks...Knock em dead...BTW I like the bean bags. Hawk
  8. Thanks for the encouragement Dave...looks like I may have a team...I'll know more before the registration deadline...I've got five for Friday and two want to fish Sat as well...anyone want to take on Virgina's best, there is room for at least one more. Dave
  9. I thought I had a co-worker team for the Virginia Beach Tuna Tournament, but they were long on talk and short on commitment. Initially, I thought about dropping, but my Sat with Bob and Steady on ?Still Thinking? and my 98 lb Blue Fin snapped me back to reality. I?m looking for a crew on short notice that wants to compete this week (thur-sat). I know I?m a rookie (only my second year in this tourney) and I know it?s short notice but I?m looking for a crew of up to six that wants to go for Blue Fin Tuna and compete against the area?s best. We?ll be on a 30? Luhrs out of Long Bay Pointe and I?ll have most of the equipment we?ll need. Entry fee and fuel cost will be equally paid by all and any prize money, if any will go the same way. Think seriously about the calcuttas. Maybe we can make it interesting. If not Sinclair?s parties are well worth the entry fee. Send me an e-mail at hawkins001@msn.com if interested in the game.
  10. Bob/Steady, Thanks for the opportunity for the tuna...I really appreciate it...not only did I get a nice Blue Fin but I also learned alot, bean bags and all. thanks again Dave
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