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  1. those engines are pretty far apart. u in a cat??? i got a glacier bay.
  2. approx 35 miles from lesner bridge i would guess
  3. I'm gonna have to take ya up on that offer. Maybe my huge ass net can be used. Thanks.
  4. i actually bought one for about 200 dollars and its way too heavy and big to throw. i know im an idiot. any input on a net to catch our general baits of the bay. 9-11" menhaden and also can catch small bunker, mullet, etc. i need to know about weight size, hole size and net size, etc. also are there some that throw easier? thanks for any input.
  5. hey capt fatbeard. congrats on the rocks. i had lunch at ur place a few weeks ago. great spot. i chatted u up at lunch time about some of ur tog tricks. thanks. gonna get my first bft this sunday if the gods shine on me.
  6. Something hit my stretch 25 on my smallest rod, of course, my 320 Penn. A silver side w blue top stretch. Line went slack. He made a b line to and past my boat in a heartbeat. Then shoots to the other side of the boat and back again a few times. Fought him for about 15 mins. Chased him down with the boat. Did everything right. He shook the hook. Damn. We were pissed. Would of been my first bft. 3 of us almost limited out with 5 decent fish bw 34-39 inches. My forearms felt like I just wrestled in highschool . Locked up n cramping . Started the day off fishermans isle n saw a huge bee hive n trolled that for 2 hrs without a bite. Then to ch.
  7. went to ch today for a few hours. plenty of bait balls showing up and some birds diving but absolutely no hits. none of the boats around hooked up from what i saw.
  8. Yeah, I muscled him up on my boat to get my stretch n some pics n let her go. Course the camera broke, n lost the pics.
  9. ok, ill start by saying im totally sober. had a little wx window so decided to hit it. left long bay pt at 2:45. heard of a beehive off 34th st so b-lined it there. as we were approaching, we saw plenty of bait approx 70th st. before we got there in about 25 ft of water. so im pulling 2 stretches and 2 tandem rigs. the stretch starts to knock on the bottom so i was about to pull it up a little, then the reel starts screaming. no fight though so i assume were hooked on the bottom. so, ok i put boat in neutral and just as i am about to back her down to save my stretch, my friend, tony has the line tight and shouts "its coming up, its coming up". im thinking, bs. but damn if the line wasnt coming up as if a marlin was about to tailwalk. lines tight, and huge splash 50 yrds from my stern. a WHALE. my damn stretch was embedded somewhere in the whale. needless to say, we didnt land her. i cut the line immediately so as not to lose any more line. quite an experience. so on with the troll. in the next 45 mins or so landed 6 and kept 4 ranging from 34-39 inches. all fish caught on white tandems. plenty of bait and diving birds all around. back at the dock by 5:30. very cool. its on. go get em.
  10. I need to get some specks. Never caught one over 18 inches.
  11. Yes I did, ken. Now for those damn cowboys.
  12. quickeee. went out of lesner to cape henry and immediately marked tons of bait. mostly from mid column down to bottom. the fleet of about at least 50 boats were further out and down towards 57th st. i was right off the cape about a mile. this was about 9:30 am. all by my lonesome so couldn't run much stuff. ran 2 stretches wtfb and a mojo with a tomic. hooked up on all lines within 45 mins. landed 3 fish. a 37, 38, and 41. kept the 2 bigguns. got very lucky today but ill take it. back home by 1 pm. i think the trolling season this year is gonna last all winter. water temps range from 48 to 49 degs. now if the giants can only beat those jets, it will be a complete day. oh, and i have to put together some toys tonight. merry christmas to all.