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  1. Blues were there 2 weeks ago. I think they moved into the bay as the water warmed up.
  2. There is alot of small bunker in Lynnhaven inlet.
  3. 8 x the number of people of Rhode Island who fish is probably < 40% of the fishing licenses sold in Virginia.
  4. wow, looks like someone raided the fish market. Great catch!!!
  5. Keeper size Gray Trout were being caught in Rudee Inlet last week.
  6. reelemin

    Vacuum sealing fish?

    I've been vacuum sealing fish the past 4 years with no issues. I have even tried vacuum sealing bait for long storage and it keeps it from getting freezer burn..
  7. Hellbender, lawnchair, plastic trash bag, Lost - 1 travel coffee mug
  8. Crazy fish, must of stopped by for a oil and lube.
  9. reelemin

    Snake Head Question

    I recently read the article about the 3ft snake head that was caught in a tributary of the Potomac and I was wondering if anyone knows if the snakeheads could survive in the Chesapeake Bay.
  10. reelemin

    Seagull pier

    Sandbridge was open 2 weeks ago when I was down there. Live bait like small spot or minnows works real well in Lynhaven inlet. I usually take a net and catch my own bait and fish the bridge area which usually produces keepers.
  11. reelemin

    Seagull pier

    For flounder you are better off fishing Lynnhaven inlet or Rudee.
  12. It's funny how jerks are so stupid they fall for things. Glad you put some meat on the table and were able to teach the jerk who had the upper hand.
  13. The pier is the only access from shore that I know of.
  14. reelemin

    Making the old come back to new!

    Chris, nice job!! Maybe you can keep the tradition alive and pass it down like your grandfather did. Like you I haven't been on in a long time but for other reasons. I have a charter reserved for my son and grandson and we may have room if you are interested.
  15. reelemin

    Any interest in Va Beach Shark Tournament ?

    Great I'm in!!! But will the city allow it?