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  1. Had a Day off from Work... on a Monday..... What a Tough day of Fishing... The Wind blew in four Diffrent Directions it seemed like.. cold OMG...... Feet were so cold... if the Fool Catcher would have been out there, he would have Caught 3 of us. Slow Day about 25 Total fish.. 12 1/2 to 13 3/4... not a Keeper Trout.. Did catch one Puppy Drum, it came from the Hot ditch. 19 inches.. about 5 came in on Stick baits... and the Rest on Gulp Grubs.(CHART) was the Color... Still Bad day of Fishing.... Better than a Good day at Work.. Tight lines.... Fishingmedic
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    Thanks Alot for the Help
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    One of my Friend's Wife wants to Buy him a New GPS for Christmas. What kind is the Best bang for the Buck? Any help would be Great, Thanks Chris
  4. What A beautiful Day on the River..... But for me and my Two Buddies the Fish were slow too..... the least amount of fish I have ever caught there... End up with 4 Keepers.... what a Beautiful Place to Fish, I think the Other 20 Boats had the same Luck.... Bad day of fishing... Beats the Best day at Work LOL..... Tight lines Fishingmedic129
  5. I need help on finding some small Croaker or Spot to Live Bait fish with.... I would greatly appreciate it Thanks Fishingmedic129
  6. Headed out of Rudee at 630 am 12/30 Beautiful Weather to Fish.... Loads and Loads of Bait from Rudee to Duck 46 Miles Run got on the Fish... 14 fish after a Whole day looking 60 Gallons of Gold..... Awesome End to what I thought Would be a long Boat Ride.... Where is the Money Box for Rudee I would Give a Few Dollars so they could add Some Rocks in them Holes.... LoL........
  7. Just wondering if Anyone Catching any Trout up that way,Any Inform would be Great,Thanks Fishingmedic
  8. Fished the the Elizabeth River Saturday from 7am til 3 caught over 100 Trout most in the Hot Ditch Awesome Fishing Biggest (5LB 2oz) Gulp Shrimp and Mirrolure 17mr