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  1. I appreciate the response, what do you recommend as far as bait goes for the blues? my go to is gizzard shad but I grew up fishing bugs island lake so didn't know if mabe shrimp or something would work close to the bay like the campground is
  2. ill be camping at the mouth of the river the last weekend of this month and looking for some tips on what to do. Never fished the river before but im sure theres plenty of catfish and bass to be caught so what would be the more likely fish you would target? I have gear for nearly every type of fishing on the east coast so let me know what you think. I'll only have my jon boat with a 9.9 on the back so im more interested with running up the river rather than towards the bay.
  3. little bit disappointing whith 215 views and no replies. oh well keeping my head up, hope everyone is catching if youre getting out there
  4. caught one small amberjack near the 4th island years ago but highly doubt they come in the bay on the regular. have targeted them at the clt late summer but its hit or miss depending on the day and all of the spade fishermen and divers seem to make them disperse rather quickly. most of the wrecks off the coast hold them late summer/ early fall but I cant tell you my secrets
  5. Looking for a ride offshore, water temps look great over the norfolk canyon right now so i have the itch to go. I have all gear needed to head out just need the boat. Let me know
  6. Next weather break i plan to head out if search of some mahi and mabe a tuna in the mix. A marlin would be fun but not a target for me. Will be in a 23' cc so its gotta be a real nice weather window. Contact me if anyone else is interested. Hopefully going withing the next week or two.
  7. I plan to follow out the fleet. Keeping up shouldnt be a problem on sunday as long as the weather stays as good as its predicted right now.
  8. Planning to head out of hatteras this sunday. Will probably head down to teachslair saturday afternoon and talk to whoever else is down there. First time running my boat out of the inlet so if anyone else will be down give me a shout.
  9. Whose been out lately? Still waiting on a weather break while im not working overtime. But untill then, rig and re rig everything
  10. @ridge runner, distance will change everyday. From OI i would say approximatly 30 miles but could be anywhere from 15-80 miles
  11. sooooo, ive heard a rumor. the yellow guy has shown up....anyone want to head out? ive got the rods ready to go just need a boat to ride on
  12. Did anyone out there have much luck? Seen a parking lot and heard alot of radio chatter going on but didnt see anyone pull up a fish. We tried for taugs without much luck then trolled for a little and picked up 2 schoolie bass for dinner
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