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    Just moved to Rudee Inlet from Cape May NJ
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    Gave up golf to pursue salt water fishing. Still golf a little,

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    Knotagain 320 Luhrs Express
  1. I'll be leaving Rudee around 2am Saturday starting at the fingers then heading to the deep
  2. TEVANS53

    Princess Anne Bait and Tackel

    Does anyone have the phone # for them? trying to call to see if they have Ballyhoo available for tomorrow
  3. TEVANS53

    Farewell Virginia

    Lost my job back on 5/13 the bad news, good news I started my new job on 6/14. Bad news i need to relocate back to NJ after a great 2 years in Virginia.I'll miss the great fishing, people and everything there is to do in VA. I'll be moving the boat back to Cape May this friday, going to run out early morning from Rudee head North to fish till 1-2 o'clock and then head to NJ. Tight lines to everyone! I'll miss this place. Thanks, Tracey Evans
  4. TEVANS53


    Well more good news, went to tne boat this weekend and my 150 qt. cooler was gone. There are 6-8 coolers left on the dock and they stole mine. On top of that I lost my job this week as well. On the bright side Cason is going to install video camers on the dock. At least I don't have to call in sick now to go fishing!
  5. Tuff break at least you and the crew are safe. there's always tomorrow! I'm going to try to get a crew for Friday.
  6. TEVANS53

    Custom rods - dramatically reduced

    Sent you a email, I'm interested on rods if still available Thanks Tracey Evans
  7. Well since my "stuff" has been stolen I need to replace it. Would like to have something I could fish the bay and do some striper fishing. Thinking about getting the bigger spinning tackel but don't know if theses are good for trolling. I could use the spinning stuff off shore for Mahi etc; sort of do double duty with it looking for your thoughts. Thanks
  8. I had heard of guys running to the 100 line yesterday but haven't gotten a report from them.
  9. TEVANS53

    Registration #'s

    Wow! Great advise! I gonna do it this weekend. Thanks!
  10. TEVANS53

    Registration #'s

    what's the best way to remove reg. #'s off the side of the boat? I was thinking about a heat gun but I'm affraid to blister the gel coat. Any suggestions?
  11. Any word from the 000? Looking to run there and work back to the Hot Dog. Last I heard there were some YFT around there.
  12. Any one looking to run out of Rudee this weekend for Tuna? What's the weather supposed to be like?
  13. TEVANS53


    This has to be the same person, same MO, took several reels off the poles and left the poles, other poles and reels they took the entire set up. I guess walking down the road late at night with 8-10 rods and reels looks funny. One good thing the valet guys at Rockefellas stopped buy the boat and said they keep an eye on things while their there that's good to know.
  14. TEVANS53


    I hear ya. You know the little aluminum bats we use to beat fish to death with, well I've just decided to buy one. maybe a few broken fingers would teach someone a lesson about stealing. Just a thought I'm venting know.
  15. TEVANS53


    Police also suggested that you some how engrave name or something on equipment so that it can be identified easly. Glad I don't keep the "GOLD" stuuf on board! Yea wife is coming around she even wants to do some bay fishing this year!