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    Good mechanic.

    Capt. Troy, Call Dave at USA Fuels. He will polish and clean your tank. His phone number is 757-615-2666. He does a great job.
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    If you are looking for a great unit at a reasonable cost, the garmin 540S has all the bells and whistles. Combine this with a thru hull transducer and you have all the capacity you could ever want. The unit has an SD chip slot for free upgrades from Garmin and you can purchase a g2 vision HD card for some really cool features. The unit can be purchased new for about $500 plus the transducer and antenna. If you really want to do it right have a certified NEMA 2000 tech install and the warranty will be extended to 2 years from the normal 1. Or you can buy it on an American Express card and get the extended coverage they offer for free. I have been using the big brother(5212 & 4208) to this unit and have been very much impressed for inshore and offshore fishing and navigating. Just google the Garmin 540s or you can buy it at West Marine from Chris at the Great Neck Road store. They are having a Port Supply days starting today if you know someone with an account. Good Luck, Capt. Glenn Bregman USCG Master Pringo Charters, LLC 757-714-5877 captglenn.bregman@gmail.com www.lolosreeldeal.com

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