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  1. Hatteras island is full of fish right now water temp is 71 degrees. False albacore bluefish Spanish mackerel sharks sheepshead have all been landed. Also a big cobia was hocked with a gotcha rod and was lost in a gaff attempt also reports of drum 20 to 35 inches in the sound
  2. Wow! Thank you for the kind words. Looks like a great start for 2014. We just reopened the pier, so I'm looking forward to a little fishing.
  3. I'd try the Frisco Pier on Hatteras Island. The pier has been closed for a long time but you can still use the parking lot. Easy kayak launch from the beach.
  4. This spring and summer I'll be pin rigging for Cobia and Kings. This fall will be Red Drum. May be a little sharkin in there sometimes.
  5. I have a source in Avon who may have one. He is checking. If that falls through I will be interested. May have a buyer for the 14/0 as well. Thanks.
  6. Still catching them in Rodanthe. They have been around since about Labor day.
  7. There still around you need to get to hatteras Island. 46 and 49 inch drum landed last night, with 2 people drum fishing.
  8. I met Al this spring he is a gerat guy. That was the guy from the North Carolina Pier Fishing Society.
  9. Good feedback. I am guilty of this myself. I do like the idea of pier cart parking spaces.
  10. Andrew, I have not heard the forcast for this weekend. Let me know if you want to go to Rodanthe?
  11. The Park Service Effectively Closed the National Park due to the government shutdown. Also effected was the Avon Fishing Pier and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, as they have a concession agreement with the park service. All Ramps are chained off and signs are being posted not to park on the side of the road and walk over the dune. A lot of pissed off people on Hatteras Island today. The Rodanthe pier and behind private property are the only places fishing is accessable on the island.
  12. Pier rules are a learning expirience for us. We are lucky enough to have a great staff of people work for us, and owners that are at the pier most days. Consistantly enforcing the rules can be tough because some people don't read the rules, and some people are dishonest.
  13. I'm one of the owners of the Rodanthe Pier on Hatteras Island. We put a daily fishing report on our website and post pictures on facebook. Any pier operator will tell you that 95% of the problems come from the last 30 feet. There are many sides to the pier pirate issue. The biggest thing to me is good pier etiquette from everyone. If you don't like the acceptable etiquette from the regulars, find another pier to fish from. I've fished all of them from Ocean View (used to be Harrison's pier) to Frisco Pier, and I've seen exactly what you described. I've been going to Rodanthe for about 8 years now, because I like fishing with the people there. I'm not sure if Sandbridge pier is public or a privately owned small bussines. I can tell you that it is impossible to make everyone happy on a fishing pier.
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