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  1. Went to the CBBT Fishing Pier (Seagull Fishing Pier) on Thursday evening. Arrived about 7:45 pm to strong, very warm, winds and surf coming out of the SW. Fished Gotch Plugs, Bucktails, and Hopkins. Nothing for almost the first hour or so. Almost discouraged and tired enough from throwing lures and fighting wind to leave when Dennis hooked into a fat 19" fish. It took another 30 minutes for me to hook into another fat 19" fish. Hadn't even had a bump up to this point. In the meantime Dennis hook and fought three only to lose them at the waterline. A pier net would definately have helped out. Dennis landed 5 fish and I landed 4 and both had a few more hit and misses and fish that pulled before coming up to the pier. Nothing too exciting as far as size largest was 21" but all fish were fat and healthy. Gotcha's and Bucktails were working well... nothing on the Hopkins. All fish were caught at the very end of the pier in the lights. Nothing at the foot of the pier. Home by 10:30 for a decent nights sleep... dreaming of grilled striper filets for this evening.
  2. 12/3: Read the marine forecast stating a Small Craft Advisory and figured it be a evening at home couch fishing on Playstation. After some ribbing from Dennis asking if I needed to stop by medical so they could try and locate my nutz... I compromised and said ok lets drive down the base beach after work and see what it looks like out there. We were as delighted as Janet Reno at an Ellen Degeneres fundraiser--the water was pretty flat. So off like a prom dress, we went to the trailer lot to grab the boat and get her wet. Upon arriving at the pilings we immediately started catching fish in a strong outgoing 'current' (since thanks to the schooling on this forum--I know tides, currents, and my ex-wife are odd unpredictable creatures sometimes). It's nothing new to report the fish are all over the bridge tunnel up in the lights in and around the pilings. We fished basically between the 2nd Small Boat Channel and the 1st Island. Not sure how others were doing as didn't hear much chatter on 68 but for us the striper were all over the Gotcha Plugs like Circus Monkeys on a bag of peanuts. Getting bumps, hook-ups, and fish in the boat fast and furious most the evening from about 5pm through 8pm. Didn't use anything but Gotcha Plugs all evening and we were able to get into a little bigger class of fish reeling slow and letting the current drift the Gotcha a little deeper. Kept 4 fat fish that were all 25-28". I did boat and yes reluctantely returned a 30" inch fish that was not only full and fat in the belly but had a set of shoulders on her like--well yep Janet Reno... could have been her twin I guess but the fish we boated left a better smell on my fingers. We did manage to lose count of how many fish we caught and we're throwing back 24" fish which always gives you that feeling of a successful trip for the ride home. Side Note: Awesome Recipe!!! Cooked this for the ex-wife on Wednesday night... She loved it. I may have screwed up cooking this recipe though because now she wants to come over more... hopefully the marine forecast is positive for the next few weeks because I need to remind her being married to a guy addicted to fishing is a lonely life for a wife who doesn't like the cold... although hmmm my Duracell Stocks had more value when we were married and I was on the water alot. http://fivestarfoodie.blogspot.com/2009/08...th-crab-au.html
  3. luke918

    Lake Bradford Report

    Been fishing Lake Bradford during lunch lately and a couple evenings after work over the last few weeks trying to get back to my freshwater bass fishing roots. Thought I'd give up a report for the folks with access to the base. Fishing from shore at the south end of the lake have been catching a lot of crappie on Beetle Spins and live minnows. Catching a few good bass in the pads and pad edges on spinnerbaits, beetle spins. Seen some big bass jumping (don't confuse the carp jumping for bass-always a good laugh when my buddy is worked up thinking the carp or grindle mudding around are bass). Anyone have any tips or good areas to fish from the bank on this lake? Seems the south end is the only area I've caught fish here.
  4. Awesome explanation and link thanks appreciate it. Definately will save some time planning my trips now. Everytime I think I have it figured out the tide/currents do something else, so this explanation is a big help.
  5. Thanks VooDoo I was thinking pressure from the current because it did seem like all the fish that got off seem to be swimming with the current towards us (we were casting up into the current) as soon as it would hit a certain point--that transistion point being where the lure/fish was coming toward us with the current to where lure/fish would be against the current it came off. There should be a word for that... too hard to explain So it makes sense that putting pressure on them hooks made that hole big enough to fall out when the fish/lure shifted position in the current. Next time I guess just take up slack keeping tight line with very little pressure as he is swimming toward boat with the current--me I was reeling and pulling like a mad dog. Oh and of course those fish that pulled off were the biggest fish of my life yeah right.
  6. Departed Little Creek just after 7 pm & fished the pilings between 2nd small boat channel and 1st island using Gotcha plugs. Caught a 24.5' striper within the first few cast drifting between the two bridge spans--caught this one out almost in the middle between the two spans and deeper--thought this one was a fluke since I guess I have become used to catching fish right against the pilings. Action wasn't as fast as last couple trips but was fairly consistent. Ended the evening with our limit, 4 fat 23-24.5", we also released four or five fish shortest being 21" (didn't see a fish under 21" which was different for us). Pretty much all our fish caught/hooked were not right up against pilings but between the sets in and around the light lines. Headed back to Little Creek just before 10 pm. Also, I have never hooked so many fish that were well on their way to the boat that just seem to pull off; have a suspicion the current was helping them obtain their early freedom. Everyone who has come within a foot of a "Gotcha Plug" knows the name is well deserved as it catches and snags everything... including fish once in a while too... so was at a loss (?) having so many fish pull off with a mouth full of trebles. Question: The tide chart I read said 7:09 pm for high tide (http://www.saltwatertides.com/cgi-local/virginia.cgi) but it seemed at 9 pm that tide was still rolling in and was just starting to shift it seemed just before 10pm. What gives--I know it is a prediction but should it be that off? or is the site I am using is not accurate?
  7. Congrats on a nice fish and being able to fish in peace this morning. I am gnawing at the bit here at work--hmmm I gotta find that Silver Lining... ? AH HA!!! My tummy is sore and my head is pounding--maybe if I just blurt out "SWINE FLU" then I can get some fishing in today...
  8. Gotta Love It. Although, I would never encroach like that on the beach, I will admit when out on Seagull Fishing Pier when there is one or two guys on the ramp to the pier there with 10 poles or more each lined up tog fishing in close to the rocks I have gone up right between their poles and dropped my line down. They never say a thing, other than give you a dirty look, because they know they are doing wrong since the reg's and the sign on the pier says no more than two poles per person. Only once did a guy get real lippy and pissed off about it. So I gave him a quick lesson in etiquette and informed/showed him the sign with the two pole rule. In the end he was grateful, maybe just for me not tossing his scrawny butt off the pier. He apologized and even shared his supply of fiddler crabs with me since the sand flea's were not working too well.
  9. Speckled trout still readily available in Rudee Inlet and Lynnhaven Inlet as well as Little Creek Inlet by the jetties (lots of wake from boats flying out of Little Creek though--so maybe back past the marinas in Little Creek area would be good too). And still hearing of folks catching Puppy Drum from these same locations.
  10. Went out about 12:30 pm Saturday for a few hours to try some tog fishing... don't know if the storm affected the areas I normally fish (bay side of the 1st & 2nd islands) but both trips after the N'easter I have got skunked with only a couple bites; unless you count the 3.5 pound rock I pulled in (the window breaking kind of rock not rockfish). Had to have my partner back by 4:30 pm for incoming family.... so we figured spend the last hour or so fishing the pilings for striper. Worked the pilings starting at the 1st island towards VA Beach had a good drift parallel to the pilings. Finally right before we had to leave caught a 24" striper right against the piling on a Red/White Rattletrap. That was my last Rattletrap and casted it over the bridge railing and lost it. So if the person driving a late model blue Ford minivan reads this forum could you check your luggage rack and send me back my Rattletrap. Managed to catch a 19" fish using a Gotcha plug. My partner still had the skunk on him (other than a toadfish earlier); finally he did hook what looked like a brute on the surface but pulled off. Well after his wife called (5:30 pm or so) and he informed her that we were in fact motoring across the bay and almost at the dock... I caught two more 19" and 20" (yes ok so we were still in the pilings?but I promise the motor was running) before he admitted defeat and made the trip about 6 to the doghouse... We did contemplate the "boat was having battery problems" excuse but we have abused that excuse enough already. Got back to the dock quickly though thanks to the fairly decent seas Saturday afternoon. The names and exact times have been altered and/or concealed to protect the guilty... Sorry had to put that disclaimer in there, you know, just in case Dennis's wife Lisa reads the forum reports.
  11. A good way to cook fish on the grill and get that 'charred' flavor: Simply filet fish and leave skin/scales on. Melt alot of butter add whatever you like to butter mix. Me I use minced garlic, chopped fresh cilantro, fresh squeezed lime juice, and any fish rub (Emerils Bayou Seasoning is excellent for this). Another excellent substitute I used for garlic was horseradish and left out the Bayou Seasoning. Heat grill on high. Spray grill with non-stick grilling spray or coat with cooking oil. Turn one side down to low and place filets on grill skin/scale side down (thickest end of filets toward burners on the 'hot/high' side). Baste with butter mixture every three minutes. Fish will be done in roughly 15 minutes. Puppy drum filets come off with just a spatula--tog and striper filets just use two spatulas.
  12. The easy solution is, of course, don't let them fish for herring or have the season closed while herring are migrating--but that will have a huge negative impact on many communities. Then how far do you take it? What's the next fishery to close completely due to 'bycatch'? "Bycatch" is, always has been, and always will be a part of commercial and recreational fishing. The US Government has over the years imposed some of the strictest fishing regulations in the world. However, it is those same regulations which are the cause of these 'Stripers' in this fish kill going to waste. Yes, I know, the sea creatures will recycle the dead bycatch but the number of dead fish left behind is not 'natural' and can realistically be considered 'wasted'. Let the fishing boats keep their 'bycatch' and let them donate them to charity? But commercial boats do NOT want 'bycatch' onboard that they cannot sell or are going to lose money--that 'bycatch' takes up space in the fish hold that can be occupied by their money making fish. Solution: REQUIRE them to keep the 'bycatch' and let them bring them fish to the landing--government fisheries agent gives the boat Captain/owner a receipt for the number of pounds and gives a disbursement voucher for fair market value of the 'bycatch' minus 30% or 50%, but equal to or less than their targeted species (prevents them from fishing for herring and coming in with 75% striper 25% herring if the market value -30% is still greater than the market value for a pound of herring--hope that came thru clearly and makes sense?. The fish is then not put on the 'market' but distributed to homeless shelter and/or any agency that is already receiving federal funds in some way. This way the 30-50% less than market value is not as profitable for the crew/boat owner; and also the market is not affected directly due to the influx of 'cheaper' fish lowering the value to the crews with licenses to fish directly for what is 'bycatch' for a different crew. By getting 'paid' for the bycatch the Captain/0wner (which isn't always the same as some may know) is able to distribute that money to his crew. Some may say just give them a tax credit and make them 'donate' the fish. When this is done the owner of the boat gets the credit or tax break--the crew gets NOTHING. Well there is my lengthy two cents and then some. Grew up in the Gloucester area (where the news article is from) and have always been interested in fisheries management--hopefully will be using the GI Bill for a degree in Fisheries Management when I retire from the military.
  13. We were in the Bayliner Cuddy Cabin... best part was how cooperative the current was out there that night always more fun when you don't have to fight the boat so much. Good Luck to you overseas... Be Safe and Hopefully Obama will get off the fence with "I'm not going to rush into any decision to send more troops to Afghanistan" and either send the 40,000 more troops needed or bring the ones there home and let them continue their civil war there on their own. Wish he was as quick in his decisions on the war issues as he was on domestic/financial decisions when it comes to competing with Venezuela on which country can have stock in more civilian sector coperations.
  14. 10/27: Headed out after work -- Yep after work finished the whole day before jumping in the boat. Started at the 2nd Island bay side and anchored up for some tog before the sun vanished--three tog in the cooler in about 15 minute span then nothing. I guess maybe they go to bed right when that sun is down. Fished for stripers at the Kings Chairs -- finally the fish are there and hits almost every cast. Put our limit in the livewell pretty quickly and threw plenty back. Moved to the first island towards the pilings and the birds were having a field day... saw the boils and splashing going on and figured well the blues are here. Did NOT catch a single blue all night--it was all striper. Gotcha plugs, top water (saltwater chug bug), windcheaters all worked great. Fish hitting just about every single cast and getting hooked up about every 5 cast or so. On the way out fished the pilings with good success too. Dennis had one fish--at least 28" caught from the pilings to the boat--tired of getting trebles in the net he opted not to use it only to lose to it... Fish caught and actually brought IN the boat were all 19-23" any 28" fish never happened and were a figmant of his imagination
  15. 10/23 Went out after work yesterday fishing with my ex-wife and Dennis. Hit the tube just at the end of the 1st Island for some tog and to cast some for stripers. No stripers and a 12" Tog. Shifted over to my favorite Tog Hole and hit up 3 more keeper Tog (16" 17" & 19"). Later in the evening fished first and second island--Dennis picked up two stripers 19"-21". * SIDE NOTE: Andrea caught a small tagged Sea Bass and no fish story--this is the same sea bass Dennis caught like three days before from my boat. 10/24: Went out this morning to my Tog Hole and had a few bites and a throw back and Dennis caught a keeper. Slow bite so figured try the 2nd Island over the tube. Decided too tough to fish for Tog there with the swells and wind so moved down the island and achored up. Anchor gave way and reset itself a little further in and down the island. Didn't look to Toggy on the depth finder seemed like flat sandy bottom. Dennis hooked in something very big -- thought maybe a big tog or possibly a puppy drum--lost it half way to the boat. Shortly after he hooked up again with a fat 18" or so Tog. This spot turned out to be pretty good for us, not many hang ups at all, and we pulled about 10 Tog from it. Both went home with our limit and now getting ready to filet them out. Tog were pretty much between 16 and 19"'s. Don't know where the 20+" tog are? Maybe someday soon I'll find one--still really new to this toggin thing but definately loving it. Especially the good eating they provide--everyone who helps me eat the Tog have said they are the best fish they have tasted.