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  1. Swords Marine Service Bob Swords Gloucester, VA
  2. Catch him again in the WMO and stick a million bucks in your pocket. Stud there - way to go
  3. Anyone heading out Friday (tomorrow). Also - anyone know if any of the G&H stuff is in the stores near Rudy? We are pulling in tonight and wanted to reload on some things - sort of a last minute trip so we couldn't get an internet order in. Look forward to seeing who is going tomorrow - thanks
  4. We headed to 000's yesterday out of Mathews on Blitz - quite the poke. water left much to be desired - worked 000 up to the 040 in the deep and then in to 50-60 F and every which way in between. the OI fleet was in there too and a couple VB boats. Frog Pile's blue was the only bite we heard in 4 hours. we had one knock down that didn't come tight. water was LOADED with bait - heck, probably so much that a marlin would never take a sniff at a dead bait. We ended up moving back over the cigar - a little prettier water. managed 4 real nice gaffers and 1 slightly smaller. no tuna, no marlin. Cigar didn't have the bait that 000's had but seemed to have just as much bird life with the addition of flying fish. We too agonized about the decision of 000's versus Canyon. we were happy we got some meat, but wondered how the canyon was yesterday. there is supposed to be a good shot of water headed into it. when the bite is on lately at the 000 it is definitely on, but yesterday it was off. If I were going again Sunday we would hit the Canyon and try to ignore the lure of the potential bite down south - really that water looked horrible. we had fun though....and a private air show from a single seater F-16 that came to do a CLOSE inspection of our spread!
  5. quick report -- forgot to post last time. left yesterday destined for the 400 line in 30 fa. got out there and had decided to work north along the 860ish line, against all instincts, but there were reports of birds working and good bait. ended up around the 430 working under birds. white marlin cutting thru bait under the packs. It was pretty wild to see. they were horribly finicky eaters though - swimming right by the boat and wouldn't eat. We managed to pull one off some birds. we stuck with it all day with some additional bites that we jumped off. the bite turned on later in the morning. we pulled a double header trolling thru some decent bait -- it was a little bit of a surprise attack -- no birds but good bait -- about time we were getting ready to check baits two bills appeared behind the flat lines. one ate quickly. the other required at least 4 drop backs. all in all went 3 for 7 for releases. I bet we saw over 30. Again, very difficult early on to make them eat. pretty day out there and fun to have that much action. we also had some scattered dolphin bite.
  6. well - when it's slow, a bite is a bite. Bummer - thought you might have gotten into them thick -- was hoping you were still going. what do you think the word is for Mathews??? I hate to be a sissy and haul out.....especially since the weather is looking awesome for Sunday/Monday at the Canyon - I won't be able to get back in till Monday. It is starting to smell a little like Isabelle though..... Hollar and let's go fishing.
  7. ha - feel your pain on that one -- we had perhaps the nicest of the summer come unstuck yesterday behind the boat after he popped up shaking his head saying hell no not today. John
  8. We were working the contour of the south wall yesterday in some great bait and an express boat hooked up right before we did - our fight and release lasted about 20 minutes and 2 hours later they were still tied off to a big blue. Just curious if anyone heard the report if they released the fish or what ended up happening. We had to get back to the dock early so we bolted at 2:15 and he was working on 2.5 hours at that point. It looked like a Rampage express, and I thought Waterdog, but I've never seen that boat. Anyway, just curious. It was a fun day out there.
  9. We are going SAT and are not fishing tourney but know several who are. Counting on getting some type of intel from their day Fri and also from some other boats that fished earlier in the week. I think there are a pile of folks that are going to be out SAT - I know Salt Shaker (Salty Lady) is headed out too. Toss up now as to what direction. Hopefully clouds clear in time to get a shot.
  10. rolled out of Mathews at 0410 headed to cigar to work the contours just east. After a brief admonishment from "Warship 65" (later verified as Carrier Enterprise due into Norfolk that day)to make sure we were going to adjust our heading, we headed to the weather buoy. I guess they were just hanging out offshore waiting to come into port. I was adjusting the autopilot about the time they called us on 16 to verify we were passing to their stern. Cigar was sadly lifeless. Picked up one decent gaffer and had a few other knock downs. We had nearly changed our plan at the last second that morning to head to the Canyon but decided to stick with it and head to cigar. At 1130, couldn't take it anymore, picked up and ran to about 3 miles south of the south wall in about 70 fathoms and noticed bait and life everywhere. Pretty quick had a white tear our spread up but couldn't feed him. Continued to have some short bites on mahi and a couple other mystery bites where it looked like a slashed up bait, perhaps more whites. Made it right to the corner of the canyon and life exploded - flying fish, birds, bait. Hooked up on a stud blue marlin, at least in my book!. Unfortunately with just three of us on the boat we nearly spooled a 50 clearing lines and then it was too dangerous with sea conditions to back - spun around and actually chased him for a few minutes to get enough line back. Released him a little later - estimating 275 to 325. green machine behind a bird. Good fun. Trolled a few minutes more after we got stuff back together but were really out of time. Hoping the fans stay turned off to do it again Fri, Sat, or sun this week.
  11. 883 lbs I heard.....
  12. Nice work there anyone hear of anything down toward cigar or 000's?
  13. you might try a company called Nautical Design - I think they are up in PA. His custom work is just as pretty as Release, I think, and for not the big (huge) ticket. He might be up for the refinish job.
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