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  1. I didn't measure them but I would guess they were in the 18-20" range. All caught on the troll using 1/4 oz jig head, white and chartreuse plastic grub tails and shad bodies.
  2. Fished Rudee this morning from 0800-1100. As soon as we got 2 lines in the water, fish on both. Great start for the morning. My boy loved it. We stopped at 20, kept just a few for fish fry, and decided to try for Flounder. Put lines in the water near the channel on the way out. After a few minutes heard loud engines and remembered that Monster Trucks are at the beach this weekend. My wife brought my other son up and we watched the trucks on the beach from the boat. Caught a few more Blues on the way back to the ramp for my other boy. Great day on the water! Saw a few short Flounder caught by folks along the shore near the jetties. Didn't look like any keepers. Good luck to all. G
  3. We went this morning. Caught a few good size Blues and a bunch of short (very short, 13-14") Flounder. Not fast and furious but a nice morning. G
  4. Decided to run the boat today and try Rudee while out. Gave a half-hearted try in Rudee. Tried casting the grass, just shy of the grass, trolled plastics, tried the jetties and even trolled clark spoons in case any Blues were off the beach. Not one bite, BUT it was a fantastic day and we decided to cruise around and enjoy the fantastic day. Water was very calm, water temp was 56 degrees, air temp was perfect at around 80. My Mom, my son and I had a fantastic time seeing the sights. Hope the bite turns on soon, but nice days like this will tide us over while we wait. Anybody having any luck on anything other than Togs? G
  5. Congrats, hopefully a sign of a good season! May have to get out there and give it a try over the next couple of weeks. G
  6. Heard of some Striper caught at Cape Henry Sat so left Rudee at 0630 and gave it a shot today. Trolled Cape Henry from 0645 until 1030. Would've stayed longer but had to get my boy to his swim meet. Marked decent amounts of bait but no birds and no bites. Heard one guy on the radio catch a 30 pounder, but that's it. Felt great to get out of the house. Although we had no luck, it was a fantastic day on the water and it was great to get out there. Anybody have any luck down South? G
  7. Shallowrunner, I have to agree with Marlin Maniac. No fish is worth your life. Would not want to see you on the news. I've been hesitant in this weather and I have a 23 ft CC. Your boat would be perfect for the inlets, I would wait for spring fishing. Good luck and be safe. G
  8. Got hit with the Flu and never made it out. Sounds like we didn't miss much. Hope things pick back up. G
  9. I'm planning on making the run in the boat. Figure by the time you drive to OI, put in, figure out how to get through the inlet (I've never done it), and get to a spot ........it'll take less time to just do the run from Rudee. Figure the cost maybe slightly more, but fishing is expensive as hell anyway. We are planning on getting U/W at 0630. Hoping we all have a great day and the fish are there. G
  10. Look forward to seeing you out there Capt Todd. Hope we can all do as well as Still Think'n did last weekend! G
  11. Think I'm gonna give NC Stripers a try again Sunday before the Superbowl. Hoping the fish are still there. Anybody else heading South? Good luck to all who go this weekend. G By the way - When do they typically head back North?
  12. Looks like you all had a great time, congrats! Would love to have made it out this weekend but couldn't get away. Hope the fish stay around and weather is good next weekend. G
  13. I left Rudee at 0630 and was at Duck Pier at 0815. Was 48 or so miles. Seas were nice. Went for best speed/miliage RPM (4000 or so, 26-28 mph), I got just over 3 miles per gallon. Got about 1.1 gal/hour trolling. Spent 38 gallons total on the round-trip. My boat is a 23' CC with a 225 yamaha 4-stroke. Can get a NC fishing license online. At below link. http://www.ncfisheries.net/recreational/nccrfl.htm Good luck. Hope this helps G
  14. Nice job on the video. Your tackle obviously works Voodoo! G

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