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  1. Nice job on your first Speck citation. Congrats!
  2. Classicrockfish

    Making the old come back to new!

    Chris, What an Awesome fishing story!! Boat has Karma!! kept them reports coming
  3. Classicrockfish

    Making the old come back to new!

    Just reading this report now.. What a wonderful project Chris. Congrats on taking on the challenge & I'm sure your grandfather would be very proud you. I can't wait to read all the awesome fishing reports that come off that boat,,, Boat should have some awesome Karma indeed..
  4. Zambezi, Send me your contact information (please include full name). My phone went into the drink about 8 months ago and I lost some of my numbers.. Better to have it than not so if any opportunity arrises I can contact ya.... tight lines
  5. Yes last week caught keeper sizes and all released .. I hope to see this fish in full volume again some day...
  6. Netman9. Always great to see kids catching fish. Nice work!
  7. you wrote "now is the time to start soaking baits if you are looking for the big pre spawn mama" Good luck and lets hear some reports...... I concur. Nice work out there Zambezi..
  8. Great post & responses..You all are too much. I love it.
  9. Classicrockfish

    Hey guys look what I caught!

    Tony, Very cute video thanks for sharing it..
  10. LASwampRat, Thanks Wendy. So good to hear from you. Almost time to hit the bay again in search of those flat but fabulous fish! Happy Easter to you and Ken
  11. Perryg11, Hi George. Imagine my surprise to click on here and see a response from you when to my knowledge you don't even frequent this site.. You amaze me, mostly because of your great sense of humor (especially when it comes to Petunia and the Tunie Bug)... I look forward to a trip out with ya and thank you for being you. There is only one person I know that could look someone square in the eye say he was running for the Pope and be serious about it.. I am glad we are friends and look forward to our future fishing outings together.. Tight lines. KD, Always enjoy talking with you. I truly consider you a friend and I look forward to assisting you with at least one item that you mentioned that was on that bucket list of yours.. Please give my best to the Mrs and I hope you both have a wonderful Easter. eaglesfanguy, I loved your response so much I called my husband Kevin in the room so he could read it also. My mother-in-law's family grew up in Port Jefferson L.I. catching "blackfish" as well so I am truly touched by your comment. Thank you for such kind words.. Look me up if you are in the area.. We need to wet some lines together. Happy Easter to you and yours.