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  1. I agree on the Manns hardware, I believe a triple coil stainless split would suffice. I just went out and looked at mine again and they appear beefy, but are a plated bronze colored metal.
  2. Ouch! Im sure you will have them squared away next time. I went and looked at mine again and they look pretty beefie, but I guess they will not hold up to the mighty BF.
  3. Always mistified how your always on the fish...Great job to you and the crew.
  4. Slow action better than no action. Glad you got on a couple fishes.
  5. From now until January 1st its min 27" and under 59" with a HMS permit. Sounded like though with the weights that were hooked up would be over the limit....
  6. Yup! We will be dragging a few G&H MOJOS Thursday...Let the games begin.
  7. Record write up Kevin, but very interesting. Sounds like a great wk end and glad you got on some fishes.
  8. racedad70

    Yami making oil

    Thanks Tony & Kevin, I did call Chris over at Norfolk Marine and he to said it was more than likely T-stat hung open causing the ECM to think its still in warm up mode and over fueling thus causing flooding the cylinders and weeping into the crank case diluting the oil. I have a service manual so followed it to the T and removed stats tested. Found that port stat was stuck in the open position. I ordered a couple stats to replace myself since its not a warranty item. I was going to take it in, but the turn around time was about two weeks...Thanks again guys.
  9. racedad70

    Yami making oil

    My 2007 Yamaha F250 last trip out increased its oil in crank case! Was told by several folks that it could be a couple things, T-stat hung open over cooling engine and fuel leaking past rings or fuel injector stuck. Never had this happen before and it only has 104 hrs. Anyhow its still under warranty and need a recommendation on a shop that has a fast turn around and good. Preferably in the Richmond area, but will take it to where ever. Butch
  10. Speck,speckle perch,crappie.....Besides that they look to be pretty good size specks.