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    Fishing and playing Golf and just being on the water with family and friends.

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    Sara Lynn 08' 26' Southport
  1. Good Luck and keep us posted. I have been trying to get out but work is getting in the way and when I am off the weather won't cooperate.
  2. Great report Ken at least someone is finally posting. I have listen to you speak at several venues, the (Saltwater Sportsman Seminar w/GP and at the Norfolk Anglers Club). I've noticed that by following your post that you fish a lot of wrecks, if you don't mind me asking which ones are they? I an interested in getting some sea bass when the season opens back up. Keep up the report and the excellent work.
  3. Well I am glad your ok I didn't know you sold your SP, I hope you got a good price and found a good home for her. The 33 are nice but I don't think they make it in a TE yet. When it first came out I said "Where are the Rod Holders" that is a lot of boat to not have rod holders. If you see my boat "Sara Lynn" on the water give me a shout on 68 © 439-3389 and we can get together and wet a line.
  4. What ever happened to Bob of Still Thinkin? I haven't seen any post from him in a several months. I hope everything is ok with him we both fish Southports.
  5. I dont recall any being caught last year. But I would use a Penn 50 w/a wind on leader w/any Blue Fin Tuna bait.
  6. Sounds like some seriously big fish. I remember your earlier post about the aerial stunts of the fish you saw a while back. Everyone thought they were Tarpon. I would be somewhat concerned about the water quality of the James River. I know in the past it's been polluted, how is the water quality now. That's why I don't fish the Elizabeth River for specks, any thoughts.
  7. TPerk

    Bob on Still Think'n

  8. Hey Bob, this is Tony Perkins 26' SP Sara Lynn I saw you the other day fishing. If you dont mind me asking where are you keeping your boat and what kind of slip deal did you get or do you own a house in OBX. Good Luck. T. Perk.

  9. Nice catch, didnt make it out yesterday but it was nice to see you on the water Friday. Ended up w/a 25lber and 40 lber. Hope to see you again on the water.
  10. thats cool. going to tennesse tomorrow to spend thanksgiving with my son and some friends. be home Saturday just have Adam call me.
  11. Didnt get a phone call......haha. My boat is at Norfolk Marine there is motor oil leaking out of the bearing carrier assembly. luckily it under warranty.
  12. TPerk

    Electronic Repair

    I agree with Bob.....Todd Ayers is the man he installed my equipment on my Southport and stands by his work. Good Luck.