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  1. OK all, I have a big favor to ask for any help you can. I booked a trip in Hatteras on 1/21 for BFT/blackfin for my brother's bachelor party. We will be on our way back on 1/22 and I'm thinking that maybe we would want to stop at Rudee on the way back for some striped ones. Are there party boats going that time of year or is it all charters? Are there any who run open or is it only full charters? Is it even worth doing? Is that a good time to catch a big striper?
  2. PAMonger

    Spiny dogfish are edible

    I, like every other angler, hated to have a fish that felt heavy and like a doormat fluke only to get it to the surface and see another doggie. Then, on a ling trip in NJ, I saw a guy get really excited to see a doggie come up instead of a ling. Since I was on a boat that stupidly went into 5-7s that turned into 8-10s and obviously the bottom fishing was terrible with that kind of swell (but that's another story), I figured WTF... I'll try it. This guy was begging people for their dogs that they were about to throw back. So, he tells me to marinate the dog meat in orange juice. Apparently, that does the same as the milk to balance out the ammonia kind of smell/stuff. Then use a beer batter based with a wheat beer (blue moon, etc.). I kept 3 that day and wished that I kept the 6-8 that I threw back! OUTSTANDING! Like a catfish fillet, firm white mild meat. One other thing to mention is that you need to cut out the top 2 fins with the spine in front of them. Spiny Dogfish actually secret a mild poison through those spines. Cut that off BELOW the fin before throwing in the cooler.
  3. Now that the ridiculous 6-month sea bass closure is done, what are the rules for the rest of us? Has the state set new regs yet?
  4. I'm from Pennsylvania and thinking about a trip in early to mid-April to get some tiles and especially I would love a citation. Has anyone done the Angler Saturday trips (they seem like a very good price) and what is the average catch that time of year? Thanks for any info.

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