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  1. Weather looks great for an overnight trip this weekend. Were leaving Va Beach Sat morning 4:30am running to the south and fishing all day rest eat and shark Sat night and get back on the troll at the crack of dawn Sunday morning. $350 gets you a boat load of fun. Call now to get a spot 757-287-4477
  2. Went to the canyon yesterday to get away from the crow but very slow went 1 for 3
  3. Left Rudy about 5am headed to the southern. Slick calm ride, landed on the 010 in 50fa. Saw a hammer head, had a bite about an hr into our day. Ended up with 10 by 330. Picked up and headed back to the barn. Nice slick ride home, WOW what a day!
  4. Anyone want ot put a marlin trip together this week? Fuel only we split it up and go find Mr White. He is out there, time is running out. In Oct they will all be gone. Wed or Thurs may be the day. Feel free to give me a call or email
  5. Fished on the Seaduction Yesterday Saturday and the bite slowed from Friday. We got away from the dock early and were near the CB line by 4:15. Great start and nice ride out. Got to 50 fa on the 060 and started our day. Few hrs were slow but finally mr white is on our long rigger on a dink bait. Backed down and got the released, and the hunt we on for the next victim. Few hr later BIG BLUE crashed a dink bait and the fight was on again. We only had 25lb line on a TLD 25 with 80lb leader. Back down hard, the fish was every bit of 275lb. Coolers was floating in the cockpit when the fish was released. Only other action was a bailer dolphin. Who is ready to go this week. First week of school it time to go marlin fishing> Feel free to give me a call to get on the water.
  6. Guess Dave is going to be first guy offshore this year out of the beach? Good luck hope something pulls
  7. Great report hope to see you out there this weekend. Fishing Seaduction Sat
  8. The weather looks great Thurs Friday and Saturday! The marlin bite is on! Anyone want to have some fun and fish 3 days for the cost of one? We dont have to stay if the weather turns but it looks good and the marlin bite is on. Im looking to put 6 people together this week to fish. Great boat we can grill steaks at night swordfish shark fish but be ready to marlin fish during the day. Leaving rudy thursday morning 6am back home Sat 6pm hopfully with a rigger full of flags. Feel free to give me a call if intrested. Lets go 757-287-4477 Troy. Need to know who is intrested by Wed 10am
  9. Weather looks great for Thurs and Friday. Im looking to put a group together for fuel only fishing an overnighter. Looks like the marlin bite is picking up maybe chunk for tuna or swords at night. Anyone up for it?
  10. Hope to c you out there tomorrow, we will be rigging up on C dock at fishermans wharf this afternoon on the seaduction
  11. Had a pretty good day last Sunday sorry for the late post. Fished mid 400s in the mud 25 - 30 fathoms. Ride out was intresting ran into a tropical downpore. As soon as we got to our spot the rain came down hard beating the water to a slick. Rain stopped after about an hour and whity came up pulling my right teaser out and wouldn't let go. Dam he was gone after all that. Did manage to find another white got him to the boat great show. Next a small rat blue jumps on. Very bad A__ fish, he ramed the boat! Lucky no hole or crack got the fish and that was the day. slick calm on the way home great day on the water. One white one blue. Anyone looking to go Sunday we looking to put a team together.
  12. I would love to get a group together for an overnighter. I know a few guy to stay up all night and sleep when we fish during the day. HAHA Let me know if you or you know someone intrested
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