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  1. parkerguy2110

    Sea Fox Boats. Any comments?

    I second that reccomendation, I have owned boats such as sea pros, seaswirls, and ridden on many others. You can definitely get a used parker, grady, albemarle for a reasonable price. Even if the hull is a little older, it should still be better than even a brand new sea fox. Alot of peaple get freaked out by wood construction in these boats and many of the low to mid quality boat manufacturers brag about a NO WOOD construction. No wood construction is fine as long as its done right, Albemarle, Grady, Parker, Carolina Classic all use wood in their hull construction and these brands are revered as higher quality boats. My 2005 sea pro 206 looked great and overall was not a bad boat. It just wasn't constructed for the sometimes harsh conditions of the bay. With my experience in the bay the average chop is normally between 1-3 feet, so I made a point to purchase my boat with that in mind, as well and many other factors. The ride difference between my parker and my sea pro is not even in the same ball park.The overall fit and finish of the two is also not comparable. Im not saying sea fox boats are bad and i'm not here to bash them, i've seen many people have very good luck with them,I just don't believe that boats in the quality range of sea fox, sea pro, etc, are built to withstand what most of us in the lower bay put boats through. Just do some research and figure out what is important to you in your boat. Good luck.
  2. parkerguy2110

    Boat tips

    As fas as places to look for boats the other posts already covered that. Being that you are looking at a 21' Sea King you must be looking for a bay/ocean boat. As of this year I finally got a good boat that has been on my short list of boats for a long time. I have owned and ridden on quite a few modified/deep vee boats. Sea King was formerly known as Kencraft which were solid boats with deep vees in excess of 20 degrees. I don't know a whole lot about sea king or their quality. After doing some extensive research I bought a Parker walkaround and absolutely love it. With it's 21degree deadrise it eats up seas like a much larger boat. The only complaint is that it rolls hard while at drift. It's tough to find the best of both worlds in a mid twenties foot boat. For me it's all about the ride. Good luck with your boat hunting.
  3. 1st mate, I should be out there around 0930. Ill hit ya up on 68.
  4. Planning on being out at the JRB on Tuesday morning for the outgoing tide.
  5. Ive seen them many times hanging around the legs of the tower. On the 29th of august we spotted over thirty around the tower.
  6. Went out to the tower on Aug 26 and Aug 29, on the 26th the spadefish and cobia were thick and the visibility was great. On the 29th the visibility was terrible and we didn't see one school of spades nor did we catch anything. The tower had several big barracudas hanging around.
  7. If you're talking about the willoughby area you are probably referring to the thimble shoals light. The CLT is a tower structure and doesn't really resemble a lighthouse at all. From willoughby spit area the CLT would be more than thirty miles. If you trailer your boat you would be better to launch out of lynnhaven or rudee. Hope this helps.
  8. I hate stupid people who do crap like that....
  9. Our luck has been similar, in the past week I have fished the grandview area three times, blue fish rock once, and the nine ft shoal before having to go back to work. All attempts were using eels, peelers, and cut menhaden and most times I was running two chum slicks. The only thing caught has been a handfull of rays and a small shark out at the nine ft shoal. Btw does anyone know what happened to the nine ft shoal, the actual depth layout is not consistent with the nautical chart. The last time I was there, which was about four years ago it was exactly as the chart showed. Just wondering if a storm may have changed it.???
  10. Ok everybody, this post is simply about the fact that cobia are being reported in the area of the mmbt. NOT THE SIZE OF THE FISH. I think some missed the point of this post...... come on people.

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