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  1. Carpslayer


    hahahahaha, I thought I was the only one who knew about that little spot! hahaha good bait size crawdads, not so much eaters.
  2. Carpslayer


    Any info on where to catch them?
  3. Carpslayer

    va beach amphitheater

    I agree. Perhaps the area around the drain might hold some fish. Otherwise the ponds in between the road might be good.
  4. Carpslayer

    va beach amphitheater

    The big lake right off of the road is mostly shallow. My labs love to swim in it, and they can walk across the lake at certain point. I have the feeling it does not get more than 4 feet deep.
  5. so, I have honor roll, don't drink or smoke, and I spent my day fishing, not doing anything bad. I'm still out of control according to my mom, just can't win.

  6. Wait, but if the signs are all over, I haven't seen them, and there are private oyster grounds inside the inlet, meaning that those are sold to the public. That's the way I look at it.
  7. Carpslayer


    Awesome Picture! Good Fishing!
  8. Carpslayer


    yeah, just kinda slow, and cold! Why is it cold in may?
  9. Fished Lynnhaven today, very choppy, lots of wind! Couldn't buy a fish. Fished gulp for most of the day, then got bored and threw out croaker rigs, couldn't even get a croaker! Oh well, lynhaven is a great place to kayak! I would recommend it over rudee!
  10. thank god for chinese people taking cameras into movie theaters, the avengers was amazing, except for the chinese subtitles, and the guy who kept waving his hand in corner.

  11. caught a 20 inch flounder today!

  12. Carpslayer

    Rudee Inlet

    Thanks a ton Fishngaurd! I was down there for AP exams and my buddy and I figured we'd fish afterwards, and he isn't a real big saltwater fishermen, and I didn't expect to catch flounder, just blues or trout. So I didn't bring a tape measure, thanks for letting me use yours! I fished Lynnhaven that night and the day after, caught nothing the first night, but a 2 pound black drum and 4 croaker the next day.
  13. Fished rudee with my buddy for a couple hours. Caught nothing until right before leaving I hooked a big flounder, got him in. 20inches biggest flounder I've ever caught.
  14. great day fishing, getting back was interesting when the trailer hitch decided to pop off by the courthouse on princess anne!