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  1. Reel Release

    1st trip

    Good Job! Way to get out!
  2. Fished the 000-950 in 30-100fathoms. Got 7 dolphin including this pig @ 48lbs. Was a Great Day!
  3. Looking at the water temps, the fish probably B-lined it to the north. OI guys slayed'em for 2 straight weeks around the 750. Water went from being cold in the north to 70 plus degrees in a week. The Washington was 75 degrees on the last clear pm shot. Bob, Scott , Craig, glad to see you guys posting again. Has been quiet for for way too long here! Hope to see ya out there! Tight lines, Erick
  4. Fished the 550-660 in 100-500 fathoms. Went 5 for 5 on gaffers and 2 for 4 on Yft. Yfts came right at the 600 late. Heard some others got wacked pretty good up around the 674 line. Catch 'em up, Erick
  5. Hopefully making our first run of the year out Pirates Cove Monday! Gonna head for tuna water around the 800, unless i get some good intel to go elsewhere! Erick
  6. . Come on man! I hope to get out sometime this week. Safe travels! Erick
  7. Hopefully it will pick up. I think it was February last year when the frenzy was on. Thanks for the report! Erick
  8. Reel Release

    Leaning Post for sale

    Just sitting in my garage. I have it on eBay, but rather sell it local. Call me 804-516-0127. Thanks, Erick
  9. Reel Release

    Leaning Post for sale

    added pics
  10. Reel Release

    Leaning Post for sale

    I had it custom made for yeti tundra 65. Thanks
  11. I have a new leaning post that I purchase for my boat, but not going to use. Paid 650.00. Will Sell for 550.00 measures 22x37 at the base and 12x35 at the seat.
  12. To all fellow fisherman, sea captains, and everyone along the northern coast, who are dealing with so much devestation, our thoughts and prayers are with you, and God Speed on a fast recovery! Erick