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  1. Little flounder fishing today!

  2. Sorry swiper they made me do it.

  3. If anyone gets bored tomorrow they can come help me finish putting these floors down. I need to get it done so I can get serious about boat shopping .

  4. How do I edit my classified add on here I've looked everywhere and can't find it.
  5. 2005 Robalo 235 for Sale 23ft robalo w/yamaha 225 four stroke
  6. Towboaters are not afraid to get dirty, most are cocky, head strong, intense, hard working, competitive, driven, passionate, strong, out spoken, sometimes harsh but honest men. Most came from a modest childhood and are determined to give more than what they had. They are GUARANTEED to miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, good/bad days, and unplanned emergencies year after yea...r. They do not ...have the pleasure of kissing their children goodnight or sleeping with their wife every night ...

  7. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    Do you know what was used on top of that amish board used to make the boards collapse?
  8. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    Thanks for the viedos!
  9. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    How about a pine 2x10 46" long for the big board?
  10. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    How did you attach the 40 0z. of weight to the board?
  11. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    I would like to pull 5 to 6 rods off each board.I'am likeing the sound of those big boards you have,this is the first time I have heard of anybody using 2x8"s.
  12. Greg Allman

    Planer Boards

    Does anyone know of any links to websites or have plans on building your own planer boards? I seen a nice set of plans on downtimecharters website but they wern't to clear on the materials to get.I would like something with three boards and similer to the bloody point boards.Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Iam glad Tony won it instead of Carl.He earned it!