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    The other weekend went out with some friends and caught 7 skates and 3 dogfish (and a sandbar shark) but tossed them all back. Later I'm told by some friends that skates and dogfish are good eating. Of course they have no clue how to prepare them. I found a thread here about dogfish and might give that a try, but what about skates? Good eating? Just toss them back? Shark bait? If you eat them (and I saw a few youtube videos of people who do) how do you prepare them? Thanks!
  2. One note on using a glove, and you may remember this Andrew as we were fishing together when it happened. We were trying to figure out why the line was black and looked almost burnt. Then we realized the line was actually melting the mechanics glove I was wearing to cast. That was my first lesson about drag settings when casting
  3. I was looking up some stuff on the internet and stumbled across crab snares. They look interesting. I'm not thinking so much as getting a ton of crab to eat, but maybe a few to use as bait while surf fishing. What do you think?
  4. Also, did you read Andrews Surf Fishing101 article? If I recall some good info about some gear to get. I would also suggest taking a look at some breakaway gear. I got their casting cannon last year and it has really helped when tossing heavy. I also like their release clips. Really helps prevent helicoptering. Not so sure about thier rods and reels. I think I would want to actually handle them before buying. Also remember, if you are working that many rods, you are going to have a good amount of supporting gear. Last year I also got this little thing and I have been VERY happy ever since. Tackle backpack: http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Extreme-Qualifier-360-Backpack-or-System/product/10204414/ Sorry if I didn't answer the rod and reel question, I'm not that smart yet. happy Shopping! Casting Cannon video: http://www.breakawayusa.com/products/accessories/cannon/
  5. John C Fish

    Casting a Gopro?

    Hey, I figure, if a GoPro can survive a fall from an airplane, it can survive a cast into the water. I did find one guy lightly casting it on a lake, and it was pretty cool. Saw another of a guy casting at a bridge and it didn't tuen out well.
  6. Just wondering if anyone has ever tried (or seen good video) making a rig with a GoPro attached to watch what happens. I seem to remember Andrew having some GoPro fun but not sure if he cast the camera out with the bait.
  7. I wish I could join you! Oh, and do you have any stats for tomorrow? Edit: Just checked the surf report: AM Report: Small scale swell leftovers are in the water this morning with clean conditions. Looking drained out with the early low tide. Weather: W/WNW 5-10kts WATER TEMP: 40-42° F
  8. First thing I want to catch is a new job that doesn't suck and isn't a million miles away thus I can actually go fishing again. THEN I want some speckled trout, have not had a keeper in 2+ years, haven't really tried either, but this year I will. Then I just want to catch a citation. I don't care what, but haven't had a citation catch in like, well in Virginia, never. This year I get it.
  9. How did we not get pics of the rod?
  10. John C Fish

    Kayak 101?

    Hey, thanks for the info. Being retired military myself I saw some of those kayaks at little creek. Let me check out those resouces you pointed out and I'll get back with you. Don't think I can do this weekend, but I would be glad to take you up on your offer.
  11. John C Fish

    BBNWR Sunday

    Any door prizes?
  12. Been thinking about trying this and the wife even hinted at purchase approval. But I'm sure there is more than just getting in a kayak and going. Anyone know of a Kayak 101 type guide that would be information about what else is needed to start kayak fishing? Thanks. BTW - Didn't see any in the articles section.
  13. And here we go with another weekend of the same. I'm gearing up for Memorial day weekend, if the weather is still crappy then, I'm gonna blame Andrew!
  14. You could try an impact shield. Also good to prevent heli-coptering of the bait. http://vimeo.com/24217797
  15. OK spill the beans! How did the tourney go? Did Tommy reveal the holy grail to casting? Did you cast 300+?