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  1. Nice fish caught off Buckroe pier today. Just a heads up... the cobia are moving south now and leaving their northern spawning grounds. Will be getting better in the lower bay, including Buckroe, Grandview, Kiptopeke and even Ocean view areas. Good luck
  2. Big stripers in the winter:) And really close to Lattimer shoal which hold, cobia, sharks, and black/red drum.
  3. Im agreeing with the overfishing! In fact I was impressed at the beginning over the season as to how much bait I was seeing in the bay, large schools everywhere. Now I will fish all day and be lucky to see one medium school. There seems to be no regulations on menhaden and these schmucks are overfishing the very life that feeds them as well as our bay. I hope they get this situation figured out before its too late, because it happens right in front of eyes every year
  4. Man #4 could be why she spit the hook but Im tellin ya she had a 6' stout boat rod folded over and I put a Bill dance hook set on her twice. With all the force on the hook I would be impressed if she just had smashed in between her lips? But it would make sense, Im just leaning to the ole circle hook getting too much load at a weird angle and coming out. Ive seen catfish do it a lot as well and their mouths are very similar to cobias. But I switched my big bait chum rod to a j hook and snagged 3 cobia a couple days ago so Im smiling again:)
  5. Yeah that time is coming up, I like July for the larger sharks in this area. Planning trips as we speak:)
  6. Went out yesterday to try out a couple gallons of my new "special" chum we just made, 25 gallons in all. Anyways headed to bluefish rock area and my two spots there had boats near them so for some reason I headed south to CBBT and parked on one of the edges I like. Within the first hour, 2 cobia and 7 shark were on the deck. The sharks were larger than average for me at least, with a 4 foot average. The cobia were on the smaller side, a 42" and 33". It was the end of the high tide, my fav, wind was w/nw 5-10, water was 76. We fished for 6 hours with the random sharks and one more rat cobia taking baits and we were pushed home by the afternoon wind change to east 20. Home and boat cleaned by 3pm, I LOVE THE SUMMER!
  7. nice reply fishon and I love the Deerfield area, I wanna end up down there when I retire as my dad was from West Palm. Ohh and I did set the hook twive very hard when I lifted the rod from the holder. I am just thinking when she rolled she got the WRONG tension against the hook and it came out that's one thing about circles I am not a fan of. That pier sounds like it had some big fish swimming through might have to try it soon, what was it called. Sucks about your knot, and the fact you have the rest of your life to remember how big she was, looks as if we are in the same boat...but we will have our revenge:)
  8. I hear ya JC but she was bigger than my stretched out arms and Im 6'3'', fish of a lifetime but it will keep me going. Headed out in the am to try to find her again:)
  9. 3 for 4 is a good day in the chum especially if they were the normal, larger class fish, that chumming usually brings. Cool to see a mahi too
  10. Well from my experiences fish get pushed into shore when the wind is blowing into the shore. Maybe Backbay is different? My point was the migration pattern and when they are coming in, in the early season and leaving in the late. Back bay is along the highway and these are the times I personally would spend time looking for them in the Backbay area. And chumming from the beach is easy, maybe not in Back bay because of Va beachs no shark fishing, but I do it all the time from piers and on the outer banks beaches. When we caught our last 10 footer we had kayaked 2 frozen 5 gallon buckets of chum and 3 lines out at 8pm, We placed them in between our lines and just used biodegradable chum bags w a river rock in it and dropped them over. Works like a charm and I never go sharkin without it. And the 78 pounder I got off Seagull came in a chum slick. Matter of fact me and a couple of my boys will be chumming up The Seagull tomorrow, hope to find another pig swimming around to snatch a pinrig. Well I just gave up a lot of my secrets anybody else?
  11. Nice catch. And cobia lay their eggs in the shallows and this is when its time to catch them from the beach. My first cobia from the beach came from off the rocks by the HRBT, great location when the cobia are coming into the bay. Backbay as a lot of you fish is a good spot when the fish are just entering or leaving our area in their migration and on a strong east wind. I just don't think enough people go after cobia from the beach and if you would chum from the sand, they would be everywhere
  12. ARe you talking weighted treble Andrew? Im curious on this one
  13. :giggle:I don't think I could ever fish without something big out for bait? The search for monsters is fishing allure to me
  14. NTKG has a great point on strength and a bimini as well as the sebile, which is my favorite, are very strong knots. But they are hard to tie, especially on a beach with 20 mph winds or while the fish are hittin. As Andrew stated the don't come through the guides well at all and they don't fly well either. These knots are not for beach fisherman in my opinion, stick w the Albright, its a great knot...
  15. That's some fun fishing right there! Good time to go sharking id imagine too
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