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  1. Great boat for inshore salt and freshwater and ready to fish. If unfamiliar with boat, go to www.gheenoe.com for more info. Boat is outfitted with the following equipment and prices indicated are what was paid originally when purchased; all equipment was purchased new and I have all receipts. Mercury has approximately 56 hours on it and has been professionally maintained, the trolling motor has approximately 20 hours on it. Boat and all equipment has been garage kept in a climate controlled environment and everything is in like new, excellently maintained condition. Boat has factory installed swivel seats, livewell w/pump, bilge pump, navigation lights and front trolling motor plug in (no mount), dry storage and also a cooler semi-installed for additional dry storage or ice box use as applicable. I am only looking to sell together not piece-meal so requests for individual items will not be responded to. Serious and local inquiries only please. 2009 Gheenoe 15'6" Classic model w/custom Continental trailer $3500 2009 Mercury 15hp/4S $2175 2011 MinnKota Endura C2 transom mount 55lb thrust trolling motor $250 2011 Humminbird 385ci, color GPS/fishfinder (thru hull mount) $400 2011 BassPro Deep Cycle 185 battery (for troller) $135 2011 Standard Horizon HX280S handheld VHF radio $100 All coast guard equipment, transom saver, gas tank, anchor, paddles, onboard battery, outboard stand, earmuffs for flushing motor, lines etc. . . are also included, estimated value of those things $750 $7300+ total costs, looking to sell for $6250 firm. Email for photos or to see in person. Thanks.
  2. Hey man, clicked on the add as friend link by accident although I am happy to make new friends and am always looking for quality folks to fish with. I do primarily inshore and f/w fishing. Welcome to the forum here, its kind of a quiet forum but no drama and no bs like Tidalfish which I like although I do go there for entertainment purposes mostly.

  3. HI Tiffany, saw your posts and I am also always looking to meet new people and new fishing partners, I have a boat but its small and I am limited to inshore salt and freshwater. I typically like to meet people prior to confining myself to a boat for multiple hours so let me know if you want to meet up sometime. djanek@cox.net

  4. Fished Crane today and had the whole place to myself which was cool. Doing recon as much as fishing. For those that don't know, Crane is attached to Chuckatuck Creek which makes it brackish and definitely tidal. Pretty cool lake, fairly deep with a few nice coves and for sure more salt than fresh, fair numbers of blue crabs and lots of fiddlers, didn't see any bass/bluegill etc... Saw something fairly large busting the surface right near the Chuckatuck input but no bites and no fish after trying numerous lures and plastics for 4 hours or so, regardless a beautiful day on new water for me so I consider it time well spent. Stopped at Bennett's Creek Market on the way home and picked up some crabs and beers so steamed up my first blue crabs of the season and am chowing on those and having a couple brews so all in all, a pretty good day. Thinking I'll hit Rudee this week and probably another Suffolk lake (freshwater) later in the week with my brother. Hope all is well with everyone and I'll post reports and pics as applicable.
  5. Thanks for the replies all. Beth, I don't have your number and I don't really spend any time on the other forum any more, however, if I need to reach you, I assume I can do so here. Thanks for the response.
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    Coastal Fiberglass is 1st Class

    That is most definitely sweet, I look forward to having you fix my boat Craig!
  8. djanek

    Coastal Fiberglass is 1st Class

    Good to know, Craig is supposed to come by my place Sun to give me an estimate on some work on my boat. I've heard good things about them elsewhere and talking to Craig, he seems like a good guy.
  9. Thanks for the offer George, unless I'm chartering, I usually like to meet and get to know who I'm fishing with so if you ever want to get together for a beer or if you go to Portsmouth Anglers Club meetings, let me know. I plan on attending the next PAC meeting and joining that club. I will also be a vendor at the Great Bridge Fishing flea market tomorrow with my brother if anyone is there and wants to say hello. If I am not allowed to mention the flea market for any reason, moderators accept my apology and feel free to edit accordingly. My boat is out of commission at the moment due to a guy running into me while towing it last friday but I hope to be back on the water soon and will post reports as available, inshore only.
  10. Thanks for the replies all, I am happy to subscribe and support this resource, is there any way to do so without PayPal? I've managed this long without them and really don't want to create an account with yet another online service for use only once. David
  11. Hey all, I'm new to this forum and fairly new to the area having moved up here from Jacksonville in late January, I'm in the Churchland area of Portsmouth. I've been fishing for 40+ years and have fairly extensive salt (inshore and off) and freshwater experience. I'm looking to make some new acquaintences and fishing friends or just meet good people to hang out with. I have a small inshore boat (Gheenoe) and am always up for company. Let me know if anyone has any questions, I look forward to reading and contributing here. I was going to post some pics of some recent fish from FL but can't seem to figure that out just yet. David