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  1. Nice catch SeaBear! Good to see a fellow South Jersian on the board!! I'll be back there in a few weeks to pick up my boat and trailer it back down. My biggest catches this year were a 27" Speck caught in Rich Man's Cove at Rudee and caught 162 Croaker in 4 hours. This year will be better!!
  2. perrym004

    Dolphin corraling red drum

    that's pretty damn cool
  3. perrym004

    Long Sleeve Ts

    They look great! Let me talk to my friends and get a number together of how many I want and i'll be in touch!
  4. Thanks for the link Dr. Hopefully they find a way to keep it in the budget. I know that every time I go out, I'm striving for the next citation. I fish a lot and always have, no matter what state I lived in, so i wouldn't say it's made me fish more, but it definitely raises the bar and gives you a goal to go after. Kind of like being in a tourney every time I go out, hence the name of the program, lol. --Perry
  5. Oh wow, I really need to get back on the water! Just been too busy. The rock bite is off the hook right now and I see that the speck bite is still hot! Were you guys using live bait for the specks?
  6. perrym004

    International Rod Building Expo

    Just found some info on this on another forum that I am a part of. Looks like it would be something great to attend. Here's the official page: International Rod Building ExpoIts on Feb. 25th an 26th. Anyone plan on going? Its right outside of Greensboro, Nc in High Point, about a 4 hour drive. Im thinking about loading the family in the truck and heading down to learn a few things because it is something that I have been wanting to get into. The wife probably will not wanna go so if someone wants to pool with me, that's fine. Should be a good time!
  7. Way to hammer em' quick! Hell of a way to spend Christmas!
  8. Man I need to take the kayak out there... Just been working so damn much so I haven't been able to get on the water. Anyways, great job!
  9. Man I need to take the kayak out there... Just been working so damn much so I haven't been able to get on the water. Anyways, great job!
  10. Yeah the Cove, we call it the Bath Tub. All the same lol
  11. And it looks like that fish was taken in the bath tub, correct? Thanks, -- Perry
  12. Nice speck!! Does the ditch usually get fished out at some point during the winter?? It seems to me like it would after seeing all the boat traffic that was there the few times I've been.
  13. perrym004

    Got my first "Real" boat...

    Thanks Z! I'll pm you my number when I get the boat down here. I appreciate it bud! --Perry