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  1. . . Some call them Electric Toads............Stargazer....harmless to us
  2. my buddy Ken and myself went looking for some gold on the beach with our detectors thur. gold we missed, but Ken finds this old fishing reel. posting pics for possible information regarding it. thanks . . . .
  3. my buddy rick said the early am at the duck was hot from the beach and hot for us for 15 mins. or so......then bleaksville short 1:34 min. vid. . . . .
  4. some fine looking black willys and nice flapjacks tooooo. nice days catch. <"))))><(
  5. ken and i carry some friends from west virginia today in search of giant speckles. one of the fellows did catch a nice 18.5 in. one. wind was blowing and it was chilly after 4pmish. . video is like 2.5 mins.............some pics as well good luck out there . . . . . . .
  6. Should have hit the beach today. Oh well thers tomorrow

  7. With the bad weather report for wed., we decided to give it another spin today. Ken and I stopped at Duck Inn and everyone was lines tight, so we caught a few and still no keepers so we decided to head to the 1st. island of the CBBT…..in hopes of maybe a striper. Small blues ruled so we moved over to the 2nd Island…..ocean side, some more blues, but I hooked something big…….i am figuring big ray, but not really pulling like one, so I hang on and then it shows………45 mins. later……..big old fat red drum…….some pics and over the side it went…… a nice release. I have 4 poles on the boat……1 bait caster…with 10lb. test and 3 spinners with 6lb, so I am not equipped for 40 in. drum….i was lucky, my blood knot held and my little wire hook held. It was a fun pull…….with luck on my side today…….i played 309 and 9846 tonight in va. Lottery….boat numbers Good luck out there. . . .
  8. The specs were tearing it up today, just outside the bridge by old duck inn…..only 1 beach caster there today. Our best day yet for specs. In count and heather did catch one nice 18incher, but that was it for keepers. U know the old saying………..we left them biting and we sure did today……we both had some items that we needed to take care of and the sky was threatening B A D. Hope to see you on the river on Friday Good luck . . vid is like 9 mins. + . . .
  9. I am cooking or thur. nite dinner with kids. Can not go detecting or fishing….forecast bleak. Going to café tonight for dinner, eat at home on thur. Weather permitting….fishing and detecting on thur. as well. Good luck Hope to see u on the lynnhaven on thur. . . .
  10. the best of it was 1A today for us, but many fish all over. . . . . . . . keepers . . .