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    Salmon fishing near Juneau, Alaska

    Alaska ROCKS!
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    Florida: Vacation

    This vacation did not pan out as well as I hoped fm a fishing perspective. On the other hand, it proved that we can do it, do it safely, and enjoy ourselves!!!! We are calling this first try a successful "preliminary run" with definite plans for next year! Honestly, I am hoping to make this an annual event! Here is what went right: Towed boat a total of 2,300 miles without incident. Fished in both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean. INNAMORATA ran wonderfully! Transited the ICW (small part of it). Caught shark, bonita, skip jack, amber jack, barracuda, and reef fish. Had a very nice time with family and friends. Took lots of neat video. Weather was BEAUTIFUL for all 5 on the water days. Marina was very nice. Snorkeling was cool. Pre-cooked and froze meals for fishing days (made life MUCH easier after a long day of fishing). Here is what we could have done better: Fished - we fished well for what we targeted, but we got stuck on two types of fishing. We didn't branch out enough. Planned the logistics poorly. Too much travel time and time spent packing, unpacking, prepping, and cleaning. Not enough down time. Both of these issues are is easily fixed. Here is what stressed us out (but it worked out - read next paragraph): The first house we rented - cancelled 48 hours out. Turns out the owner wasn't permitted and took our money 3 months earlier hoping the permit would come in on time! Wendy #1 (she was Wendy #2 bc I own the boat and therefore sat higher than her in the "Wendy" seat) found us another home near a marina. OMG that woman kicked ass sorting through that mess - while I drank heavily! As a result she was promoted to Wendy #1!!!! The new house had ants as Ken and I discovered when we tried to crawl into bed. I was pissed. Wendy #1 missed day one of fishing to stay at the house (with 4 dogs) and help the exterminator (this day was meant to be a "make Wendy #1 love the gulf stream" day so we stayed close hoping Wendy would be able to join us. She didn't join us. As a result day 2 - designated "explore day" - became a day for Wendy #1). What missions we accomplished: Mike wanted to get Wendy #1 hooked on the gulf stream so he can get a bigger boat! She loves the water and fishing, but not the long offshore days that are generally required. She fished with us day 2 which turned out to be a beautiful day. We found a school of bonita on the surface and large bull sharks. We had a BLAST! It was a 6 hour day full of fishing and action and shark and reef fish. Wendy #1 had a blast! As a result she fished with us day 3 and also had a good time! She is ready for next year! Turns out day 2 was the BEST day to make Wendy #1 love the gulf stream. Strange how things work out...we would have been 20 NM further south if house #1 had worked out and did not see topwater tuna on day 1. Our housing messes actually put Wendy #1's first day on gulf stream fishing on the BEST DAY EVER! Just gotta love that! What FUBARs occurred: We got spooled on what we suspect was a large wahoo! Clicker wasn't on and the deck crew didn't notice until the line was damn near empty! AND I deleted all the video while trying to edit it (stupid user syndrome strikes again)! Neat thing that makes us proud: Day #2 had a large thunderstorm roll in. We were at anchor near the entrance fishing for reef fish. We weighed anchor and ran in. Got to the house and had beer in hand when the downpour started. Day #3 had a LARGER thunderstorm roll in and much earlier. We watched as people started running in and listened on the radio at the choas that followed. The storm rolled in fast and caught people unprepared. We noted the signs early. We did not, however, go in. We turned on the radar to watch the storm's direction and went north, then east, then SW (basically went around it!) We barely got rained on and cooled off in a nice breeze. You might think the bad weather caused Wendy #1 to not want to fish on the gulf stream, however, Wendy #1 learned why and how we came home reporting decent weather even though the weather reports she sees online indicate large thunderstorms!!!! Next years plans: Will likely include a guide and a spring time frame (suggested by Wendy #1 - who is wanting a sail fish). They use kites and live bait for sail fish. Never done that. She will likely get her wish! BEST NEWS: Roger has copies of all the video! Give me a few weeks and I'll have some great shots of sharks and storms for ya (least I hope I got lightening)! Evidence is below: 
 First things first - went to see Ken's granddaughter at work. She works at a equestrian estate and trains horses and young riders. She is training this horse and showing it for some rich folks who don't show, but own a horse.... Palm Beach neighborhood: We made some chum..it was gross! Day 2 squall line: Day 3 storms (may not look like much, but had water spouts south of us) Non stop action really and a shot I like: An assortment of fish caught: small but good eating... Have some great GREAT video of this SCHOOL of bull sharks...well...had!!!! :smashfrea Wendy #1's first gulf stream fish! Caught on Mooooo Man's (Henry Maze) reel...Mike said it broke it's back as I reeled in. But I was reeling in fine when the line took off and then the head started skipping. Next time around, we saw a large splash behind the fish The Hubby was cranking on. Sharks for sure... Video of the barracuda caught on the Gulf side. It was fun fighting it. The Hubby and I got a little excited about the gopro and didn't let Mike in with the net...oh well... we enjoyed ourselves!!!! The Hubby took all the video this time around, but was not happy with the video. As a result he upgraded our GoPro! Now it has wifi so he can pair it with the iphone and SEE what he is videoing while underway! We might have more barracuda type incidents in the future!!!!! The end...till next time!
  3. glad to know I am not the only one weather restricted. However, I am not going. Looks I am out until July. Got some work related stuff that came up...good luck everyone!
  4. Anyone looking to go out of OI on Saturday. I'd like to follow someone who knows the route out...I'm betting it has changed since the last time I went out! Weather permitting of course...didn't like what I just saw in the way of forecast...
  5. Weather this weekend looked to be pretty nice. As such I started sending out invites to the usual suspects. However, something unusual happened. Miss Robin, one of my mom's dearest and oldest friends, called and invited me and Ken out with her and Her Hubby (Jeff) on a friend's 48 foot Viking for some wahoo action. Needless to say, I changed plans. Thanks to Paul for being understanding. Some opportunities you just don't pass up! The boat - BLUE MAGIC - is unbelievable: air conditioned cabin, leather chairs, ice maker that pumps ice directly into an extra large fish hold, fresh water wash down, plenty of comfy outside seating, a fish fighting chair, 10-12 offshore fully outfitted rods and reels, and any and all assortment of lurers and bait you can imagine! Better than all of that was the company. Mr. and Mrs. BLUE MAGIC were incredibly friendly and outgoing fisherfolks who loved fishing as much as watching others fish. I truly think their pleasure for the day came from watching the rest of us have a great time! Their hand selected crew followed their lead! Of all the vessels to be an inexperienced wahoo newbee hoping for a memorable day...well...this is the boat to beat all other boats! We trolled (7kts) with 8 lines out (2 were teasers) for what seemed like a million years with NADA. Then we swapped up and trolled with 3 lines out at 17 kts for not long - one short strike and one in the boat! I got first fish! That is when I realized my only mistake...I did not bring my strap on (harness). I simply do not have the upper body strength to man handle these powerful fish to the boat while still trolling at 2 kts. And trolling is a must bc ANY slack in the line is a guaranteed loss of fish as boney mouths render the barbs useless. I moved to the chair. Jeff dubbed my first ever WAHOO a WEHOO bc it was a baby and sissy me moved to the chair! He also spread fish slime all over my face bc one must be inducted or so he said! We switched back to 8 lines and a slow troll, which I questioned to Jeff, when the shot gun rod went off (reminding me why I am the newbee). Trey and I both went for the chair before I caught myself. We did a "no you go" swap before he said "Do you want it?" and I said "YEA" and took it. This fish KICKED my buttocks! The chair didn't quite hold up the rod tip high enough and I needed 2 hands to reel the fish in. Bottom line it was the forward momentum of the boat and the reeling that keeps that fish on the hook. At one point the fish swam toward the boat I couldn't keep up with the reel (and I was cranking) so Mr. BLUE MAGIC propelled us forward. Those fish are fast! Needless to say, I had LOTS of help with this fish! You'll have to refer to evidence below to fully appreciate the sissiness with which I reeled in this fish! This WWAAAHHHOOOO weighed in at 44.5 pounds and was 58 inches long. It is big enough to earn me and Ken our second East Coast citation!!!! I want to say a very special thanks to Trey, who could have and had every right to take the chair! That was wicked fun!!!! We caught two more wahoos (not to be confused with wehoos - like my first one). These fish went to the 2 young boys who were on board. Both were sea sick. Collin (Trey's son) was really sick. He did not complain once and when dad woke him up to reel in the final wahoo of the day he came out and did an OUTSTANDING job. Dad and son were all grins! Crew stuck around and gave BLUE MAGIC the cleaning of a life time as well as split up all the fish. Can't wait to taste it as I've been told it is a great fish to eat! Jeff and Miss Robin will be visiting me this winter for some large striper. I am looking forward to sliming Jeff!!!! I also invited John and Shawn (Mr. and Mrs. BLUE MAGIC) to come striper fishing. After all, I do owe them a citation fish! Evidence is below: BLUE MAGIC and crew prepping bait for the next day's run The WEHOO I started off strong... but needed some help keeping the rod still and tip up Can you say sissy?!?!? I finally had to enlist some additional help Went straight into the hold so it didn't chomp on any fingers or toes... BLUE MAGIC junior (Matthew) was a pro Over the gunnel it goes This young man was wicked sea sick...he puked before and after reeling in his fish. But he made it to the chair where Dad hooked him up and helped him out!!!! He was STOKED... The haul Citation fish P.S. Ken only took the reel for a second mostly to see. I took it right back! But I did need both hands and those were big ass reels! P.P.S. Everyone else on the boat either wasn't fishing or had caught several wahoo this year. I understand Trey is regular crew having had a few successful trips already this year and he was very excited when his son climbed into the seat. So I only feel marginally bad!!!!