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  1. Any reports around the TR/CB line? Been a couple weeks since we been out last. My time won't allow a canyon run but want to get out. Was catchin mahi out there bout 3 weeks ago. Wondering if I should try again or stain inside the bay. Thanks KT
  2. Thinking maybe this weekend. With this weather the past couple maybe it stirred things up a bit. Hopefully weather with be on our side. ky
  3. Not good. Got to tower bout 8 it was loaded with dive boats. Put out a spread trolled toward triangles. Saw only one weed line. No knock downs. Dropped baits on a couple wrecks only managed a few sea robins. Great day to be out. A buddy boat ft rolled from rudee to the tower with no love. They did happen to find one cobia on the way back in not a big one just 30# right off the beach. Will b back out in 2 weeks goin after marlin. Hopefully we will find em. KY
  4. Thinkin bout hittin the CLT and triangles on Sunday. Heard if some mahi hangin around. Probably troll in the morning then try some wrecks for flounder and BSB. Will be on 68 If anyone is around will b happy to share any intel. KT.
  5. I don't blame the comms for doin there jobs. I do blame the politicians for allowing it.
  6. Got a late start Sunday. Left dock at six. Ran to south tower in hopes of some AJs. Dudnt even get a bite. Pick up ran to cigar about a mile so south found a weed line. Got the spreader bar out and was putting out the long rigger and the bar gets hits. Nice mahi. Proceeded to work area for next two hours got 4 in the box lost a nice one at the boat and a Couple more bites that never came tite. All bites on rainbow spreader bar and blue and white sea witch. KT
  7. Fished the 1st and 2nd island from 10 til 1. With a couple keeper flound and a few trow backs. Did see a nice size red caught in flounder gear by a boat beside us. Watched for bout 15min before he landed it he said it was 48". On the way from lynnhaven to the 1st we saw the Reedville Raper setting there nets within yards of the cbbt. Must have set there nets bout 20 times while we were there. So sad. No wonder the bay is in the shape it's in.
  8. We're making a run to the dog on Sunday. Wish you all the luck.
  9. Got a lat start sun. End up heading to the clt. Saw huge schools of spades but the tower was loaded with dive boats. Drifted some live bait around it with no love. Troll around for a while over some wrecks with the same results. Good side was that I was able to try some new spreader bars I made over the winter and they looked good in the water. Hopefully can get out in the deep and put em to a real test. KT
  10. Heading to the south tower sun morning the head to the OOOs. Hopefully will get on some fish. Will be on 68 Knot Tied. Any others making a run? Will post report when we get back. KT
  11. Thanks for the reports. Trollin or live baiting the kings? Been seeing tons of bait of the beaches but have yet to land a king. KT
  12. Salmon we are going to stay inside the bay tomorro. Cobia and flounder. Water is starting to look good. But want to get some of these brown suited things this south wind has been pushin our way.
  13. We wanted to try Monday but with the warm water so far out decided to stay inside. Fished lynnhaven sun and mon and got some keeper flounder both days. Once the water get closer we will give it a shot. At least with gas prices down not so hard on the wallet. Glad to see you got some fish. KT
  14. Crew can't go sun so we are goin to try then. Let us know how you do sun. Are plan is to round cape Henry point the boat SE and run til we find a temp break. Will report when we get back. When the weathers right you just have to go. Can't catch em on land. k KT
  15. Anyone heading Sunday. Weather lookin good. Thinking bout giving it a shot. Heard of fish to the south and north. Should be here too.
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