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  1. Going to head out and work the oceanfront looking for Cobia tomorrow. Wondering who else plans to head out? Seems like to fish are everywhere the past few days. I'll be on 68, good luck to everyone. Catch em up
  2. Finally got my cobia tower mounted so I figured we'd give it a shot Sunday, looking at the report it sounded like it'd be a perfect day for sight casting. Soon as we broke the inlet I realized it wasn't the SW 5-10 I was imagining, real choppy for a good portion of the morning. Fished around the "CY" Buoy and throughout the channels, saw probably 20 fish, lots of rats, which seems to be the story for most people. Put a 40 pounder in the boat around 11 on a live eel. Saw 1 that was in a group of 5 that was all of 60 pounds. Hopefully it'll keep getting better as the summer progresses. Hope to make another run next weekend. Get out there and catch em up, tight lines.
  3. I couldn't agree more with the stay away from the fleet suggestion. All the rockfish I've got this year and most of the larger ones in previous years have been away from the crowds. Find the bait and keep working it. When you're in 60ft of water and your depth finder reads 10-20ft, you're in the right spot. I think the crowds put too much pressure on the fish, couple hundred boats, several lines each, equals a bunch of confusing crap swimming around. Working on out skirts has proven itself for me. Look for the whales and birds also, however if you see them everyone else likely does too, you'll find yourself dodging boats. Good luck
  4. No action for us today either. Marked plenty of bait in spots but never saw the first fish or even anyone with a net in their hand. Heard a few bluefin hook ups as we were heading in to Ruddee. Slow day for everyone it sounded like. Sure hope it picks up soon.
  5. That's awesome, you don't get too many second chances once they don't land in the boat the first attempt. Glad it worked out for y'all, congrats.
  6. Some friends are I are going to launch from owls creek around 4am. Heading towards the tower in search of the BFT. If nothing comes of it we plan on dropping for some tasty seabass. Anyone had any luck deep dropping this week? Let me know if you're heading out, maybe we can share info and get on the fish, good luck!
  7. I was amazed opening day of ocean season too see only a dozen trucks in the parking lot. Getting there early is the key, especially with weather like this weekend. We plan on searching for bluefin and deep dropping for sea bass. We will be at the ramp no later than 4am.
  8. Good eattin there. Love some sea bass
  9. Pretty work Tony, how far out we're y'all. Heard from two people that hooked up between 15-30 miles out.
  10. I think they're still $20, better make sure your boats is up to date. It'd be a shame to not be able to keep one, or god forbid you get caught without the license and a bft on the boat... $$$$$$$
  11. Friend of mine got a 300 pounder today, pretty exciting they're back again! Go get em
  12. We were out there, was amazed it wasn't a parking lot today. Weather cooperated too. We marked so much bait the depth finder would read 15ft in 70ft of water. We managed a 45 inch 40 pounder on a red and white stretch. Another rather slow day, thankfully the big ones have plenty if meat on them. Can't wait to get back at it.
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    That's actually what I tried to do because the photos on my phone. Emailed then used photobucket to get the right type of format, just says too big no matter what I try.
  14. I've heard a good amount of fish are still up north also, fine with me, longer ocean season. They've gotta pass through here eventually. If only we could some how make them stay within 3 miles.