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  1. Went to Back bay from 12:00 - 15:00. pretty windy and looks like Arthur may have taken some sand with him. Got one spot and one blue. spot was caught on blood worm fishbites and blue was caught on previously mentioned spot. Tried some sand fleas on a double drop rig and 2/0 circle hooks with no action. My first time using sand fleas and man they dont last long on the hook.
  2. Mainly fish around the Virginia Beach area, and going down to buxton this weekend.So what are the "rules"... you know so I dont look any more like a tourist? I dont have anything near an ORV so something in walking distance would be best. I'm assuming the point is going to be packed so probably not even going to bother. Where else can I go with relatively easy beach access? I always see people parking on the side of 12 and walking over the dunes. Is that legal/allowed/kosher? From looking at google maps it looks like there is some parking in the residential areas that may be worth a shot. Any expierience? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, Long time lurker occasional poster. Here's the deal getting my bonus and trying to buy some gear better than my wally world specials. I'll have about $600 - $800 to spend. Right now the only decent equipment I have is a Diawa Saltist Spinning 5000 series on a no name brand 10' rod I got on clearance from dicks. I have a couple other shorter rods and reels that are in various states of disrepair. So on my wish list is: 2 spinning reels (cant cast a conventional to save my life) + line preferably braid 3 rods 10'+ (1 to replace the 10') A decent beach cart and cooler I have been looking at the Penn Battle reels because they seem to be at a good price point for the apparent quality, but open to suggestions. I have no clue as far as the rods go. That is a complete blind spot for me dunno where to start. Still trying to stay on the lower end of the budget but want some decent gear. So help me spend my money!
  4. kramman

    New to Boating

    Looking for some reading on boating. I have been wanting to get a boat for a while now but have ZERO experience. Well I did get my canoeing merit badge in boy scouts... I have been going through some of the online safety classes listed on the USCG boating site. Those are all well and good but I don't feel like they really prepare someone that has never been on the water before. I guess what I'm really looking for are some tips from buying a boat (probably used), to making sure it is safe, to getting it on the water. Any resources tips etc would be appreciated!
  5. Link Its not on the market yet, but that page is looking for "investors" to help push em along. I'm not advocating one way or the other just thought it was a neat concepts especially for those of us stuck on land. What do you guys think?
  6. I am thinking about going up to Kiptopeake this weekend, cause ive never been before. I would think the wind on the bay side wouldn't be as bad.
  7. Well I guess you got em all thurs and friday cause sunday was dead. has some good schools of what im guessing are menhaden roll through just out of my cast net reach. Tried throwing some gotchas and hopkins in them hoping for some blues but no luck. Not a nibble the whole time 8am - 2pm. oh well
  8. Ahh ok. I just wrapped some duck tape round my finger for the rest of the day. I was thinking that I was doing something wrong during the cast to cause the line to cut me.
  9. It was a very nice day to be out. Got a few croaker and skates my self. I didn't formally introduce myself to you Andrew, but I was the guy with the hiking pack on. Went down the beach about 2 miles. Walk out was easy at low tide but coming back at high was quite a bit more difficult on the loose sand. Basically went out to practice with my first "Real" heaver. At a tall 13' I think I would have been better off starting with something shorter (all my other rods are about 10'). Got it on clearance at Dicks and didn't want to make a fool of myself around the "Old Salts". Any tips on casting a spinning reel with a hefty chunk of lead are welcome. I got a pretty deep cut on my index finger when the line slipped as I was casting. Here are a couple shots that I got.
  10. Are you required to be military to get on the base / beach?
  11. Any other good places within an hour of Chesapeake/vb for surf fishing that you don't need to drive on the beach to get to?
  12. Well didn't have much luck, go to practice my casting tho... I got there around 8:30am. guy a little further up the beach said he got a couple small round head and a small shark earlier in the morning. beautiful day steady winds out of the east. A few dolphin and fewer birds, also it doesn't seem like there is much structure right now(flat). should have taken a video, but it looked like breakers all the way to the beach. I think I need to go a little further down the beach next time. However, I don't think my eye is that good at reading the beach yet. Oh well heres to next time.
  13. Here is some art work from what I'm getting outa this. Let me know if I'm right. Do the waves that form from the outer bar roll thru area 1? in my little experience of surf fishing i just looked for no waves period as a good spot(may explain my lack of success)
  14. Thanks for the report Andrew! Went down that way a couple weeks back, but no luck except bunker in the net. Mind if i ask what kinda rig you were using(hook size, lead, etc.)?
  15. Went to the pier last night from about 10pm - 3am .got there just after the rain passed. were pulling in spot and croaker pretty steadily till about 2 then it fell off. all less than 6" or so using gulp blood worms and FB blood worms.

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