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  1. Fished Back bay in the morning. The beach was a big grassy mess. I was afraid it wasn't going to be fishable but the water was surprisingly clear. First catch from the beach this year a clearnose skate. While I was tending to the skate my second heaver was twitching (a fish). I released the skate and grab my rod. It was a sizable blue. The blues were running in schools up and down the beach. We had a range of circle hook sizes and the blues were caught on the 4's and 6's. It was a fun morning and it felt good to throw the long rods.
  2. Thanks Shonn1984. BA - A few years ago we were night fishing at BB during drum season and a storm blew up on us. We were the only ones out there. After the 1st lightning strike not too far away I freaked and left my husband to pull the cart by himself. We made it back to the truck and waited it out. After the deluge stopped we looked at the cart and only a third of our stuff was there. We walked back to the beach and found a trail of all our crap.
  3. Fished the surf Sunday with Scott. Arrived at high tide in the AM. Walked over the hill and the Northeast wind hit me in the face. It felt like mid September (drummy) instead of mid July. It was slow at first, just an undersized flounder then my heaver bent and the clicker screamed and then it stopped. I picked my rod up and started reeling. I felt nothing. After several cranks I had major pullage. I got it in the wash and saw some brown and thought I had a shark (caught a sandtiger a few weeks ago). Then a wave rolled it over and I saw that glorious white belly...drum! He was 32". It wasn't long after my clicker went off again. Landed a 29" drum. A little later I told Scott I was going to walk down the beach and cast out in an area that looked interesting to me. I cast out and brought the rod up to where we had spiked our other rods . No sooner did I sit down my rod was bent over. I ran and grabbed it and reeled in another drum 29 1/4". They were caught on cut spot, pinfish and blue. Also caught flounder, spot and some blues.
  4. Got a number of stripers yesterday. My first on the fly. Those fish were so awesome on the fly rod. Sizes were 12" to 20". I lost some larger ones. One ate the fly right off the 20# leader. I can't wait to go after them again.
  5. I haven't hooked an American yet. My husband did. He said it was like a mini frieght train. It hit hard. I love the way the hickories come out of the water when you are hooked up. Mini tarpons! : )
  6. Went Saturday and they were hitting every other cast. It was just awesome. I would not have left if it wasn't for a guy who parked his boat on top of the fish. Sunday was a little slower but the shad were bigger. Caught this 2# on a little chartruse spoon. He was so much fun!
  7. If you go past Sandbridge and Little Island Pier (lip) you will hit Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. You can't drive on the beach. There is no swimming, surfing and sunbathing just fishing and hiking. 3 miles down the beach is the state park False Cape. The only way to get to it is to walk or bike. There is a tram that goes down there from BB, but I haven't seen anyone get on it with fishing gear. Also th bay side is fresh water.
  8. Anncarrows landing off Maury street.
  9. Hickories are in abundance with a few Americans in the mix in the James. They are so much fun on light tackle. I got to see a little boy catch his first fish which was a hickory. He was jumping up and done so excited and then I realized that's how I react when I catch a fish. I'm taking the flyrod Friday. It's going to be awesome for these mini tarpons!
  10. I've been hitting the surf hard trying for a bull drum to no avail. So last week on a very low wind day a pulled out my saltwater fly rod and hit the beach. I waded out into the water and waited for a wave to break and cast. I started stripping my line and boom my line got hit. My rod bent over and I fought the fish, watching my line move through the surf. My first fish caught on the fly rod I built was a blue! (which is funny because I was not at all excited about catching a blue on my heaver). I caught a few more and it was just awsome. I loved timing my cast with the waves and learned a lot about where and when the fish bite in regards to the waves. And also learned this can be highly addictive.
  11. Got on the beach before sunrise and was greeted with a NE wind blowing about 16 mph. Winds were brutal. I had to babysit my heaver, 8oz was not holding and 10oz barely held. Bait was getting chewed but nothing was running with it. Finally I felt something when I pulled in my line. It was a blue bitten in half. OK there are bigger fish out there. I was watching my heaver bend and relax with my line out in the washing machine and as it straightened up there was a wiggle. Then a bend and a bigger bend and my clicker went off. My first thoughts was I have a big blue. As I got it closer I thought drum. When it emerged from the wash and I saw those stripes. I thought striper? OMG. My first striper from the beach.
  12. We arrived at sunrise an hour before high tide. My first time on the beach since Arthur. The beach looked completely different. It looked like there are new holes in the sandbar. (yay!) We caught a lot of spot getting them on every cast for a spurt. Caught some roundhead also. A few bumps on our heavers but nothing big. I could see bait fish running out far with some dark fins chasing them. Not sure what they were. They weren't swimming like dolphin. There were dolphin out as well feeding. I had a great time as I usually do if I'm on the beach with my rods.
  13. Patience was a virtue on Sunday. Just when I was about to give in to the skunk boom my heaver drag went off and I had a fight. First fish on the beach this year for me and it couldn't be a better fish. 22" red drum. A while after that Scott got a 23" drum. We ate good two nights in a row. Mine had the heart tattoo on the tail.
  14. That is awsome! I only got one 46" last fall in Virginia. I'm hoping they will have a spring run here.
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