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  1. I would be worrying about the one forming behind it! I actually like hurricanes, I know they are trouble for people on the coast but they are awesome forces of nature. We will just have to see what this season has in store for us
  2. message me anytime, hope you got a round live well! Shad do not take well to any corners in a tank as they will injure themselves and die even quicker than they already do. Talking to the local bait shops is a good bet too as they will put you close to where the fish are, you just may have to buy some crap to get them to open up. Another thing we always did was cruise around and look for any guides, "bass fish" nearby and figure out what they are doing. I have a family member who owns a hotel 15 minutes away and i can get rooms at cost. I have been wanting to make the trip, but probably will fish in the kayak since I have nothing to pull my boat now... just killin grass in the yard.
  3. thats a nice bite... very interesting. nice report
  4. I have fished it several times, being a freshwater man before the salt water disease got me. Summer is hard, downlines right above the trees (30-60ft) in the lower lake area in 90-120ft of water. You can usually mark the fish, and when you do you will catch them. I have never had any luck on artificial. Gotta have small alewives, they wont hit big gizzards.
  5. Where did you see this article man, post up a link... I see some biologists taking a S#1T on this idea. Its almost like the idea of planting Japanese oysters in the bay, although fish are mobile unlike oysters.. but what would happen to the native population of croakers, spot, trout? mother nature does things for certain reasons, sometimes its better to not mess with a good thing. Food chain disruption with a species like this would be massive.
  6. I fish for them from the kayak, fiddlers are the ticket. they wont hit clams for me. slack tide as close to the hard structure as possible...
  7. Glad you guys made it out and back with some beautiful fish.. Nice job guys, cant wait to see more! you will get that tuna soon enough!
  8. might want to rephrase your title a bit... I dont even fish for them as I fish from a kayak, but my understanding is that windy and rough you chum, smooth and flat you ride and look.
  9. Like a lake going out and pretty rough coming back. I didnt have fiddlers but my buddy did and he got a citation sheep and 2 others in the high teens. Got a new hobie and it is sick-nasty. So much easier for the long hauls, I would certainly recommend it to anyone fishing bigwater, get a revo!
  10. hobie revolution (fasted boat i have ever been in) and prowler 13 here
  11. Heading out there, leaving from chixs, anyone wants to join me give me a message or a text/call 2762023812 HRBT if the wind picks up
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