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  1. I casted at the pilings today there are no fish i know a lot of people doing everything they just arent here
  2. Fishnguard


    There are some good ones at dive quarters
  3. we got the fish for kids rockfish tournament this weekend up at little creek if anyone is interested. Seen a few fish recently so this should be interesting. It has been very slow at little creek for all the guys fishing the bridge tunnel since thanksgiving hopefully it keeps getting better. Have a nice weekend everyone.
  4. Fishnguard


    we took out a charter in august and caught some big ones trolling bluefish/mackerel spoons. all caught on inline rods. maybe 4 miles straight out of rudee
  5. caught some last week on 12 lb leader i dont think he ever felt more than the vibration of the boat chasing him down
  6. good stuff man congrats on your first outing
  7. what a jerk off thats something exactly like i would do nice weekend
  8. trout bluefish flounder puppy drum
  9. Anybody heard of any drum near the HRBT?
  10. wow that is crazy i dont think we can ever predict what fish do, they are fascinating. My buddy randomly caught a huge blue while wreck fishing in islamorada a few weeks ago that was probably 12-15 lbs. They never see fish like that. Thats what i was used to in the cold waters of NE as a child but never that far south. CRAZY!!!!
  11. they are all over in rudee. just cast toward a bank and drag that sucker back with a soft bait of choice. they will even eat a suspended hard bait from time to time. I wouldnt keep any either they have worms.