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  1. Fishstalker I tried to PM you but it won't let me send the message. Send me a message and we can talk about getting on some fish when you get to Va.
  2. I am going crazy waiting for these water temps to warm up. What's everybody been doing to keep their sanity while the fishing has been dead???
  3. It doesn't have to be over! They are just now coming out of the inlets down south. They will be had at the point this weekend! If anyone makes it down there I will be the guy fishing in front of or sleeping in the cab of the grey F150. You'll know it's me when you see my bad ass Carolina Cast Pro hooked up on one of the big ones!!! I was there tues - thurs last week and they have started to make a showing. It's not over....
  4. Friday- I got out late Friday night to join some friends on the beach. I only fished from 11PM to 1:30AM but the rest of the group had been there since around 7:00. I had a slow night and got skunked but closer to high tide(before i showed up) lots of bait fish, a blue, and a 26 inch puppy drum was put on the beach. When the bite dropped off it dropped completely dead. Even though I got skunked it was still a good night on the beach, the full moon(or close to full) made it super bright out there. No need for head lamps or flash lights. I was suprised that we didn't catch any small sharks. The last few times I fished there at night the small shark action was pretty much non stop. Saturday- I woke up Saturday and the wife dragged me straight back to the beach. Another slow day for me, though I got there around low tide so I didn't have high hopes for pullage. There were pelicans and dolphins tearing up bait fish for about the first two hours. They were pretty close to the beach at times. That gave me a glimmer of hope, but did not produce any bites. That went away and I took a swim and I think I found out why things were so slow. The water was only 3 ft deep! I had to walk out probably a 100 yards to find chest deep water. The sand bar seems to be gone. Perhaps the tide was pulling out really far. Due to the full moon, maybe??? Either that or the storm just wrecked the structure on that beach. Hopefully it was just a big tide. Anyways no fish for me. Sunday- I fished CBBT first island in the kayak. Lots of little fish around but I couldn't find the Spades. I'll save the rest for a report in the Kayak section but I will say that it was a LONG paddle. So 3 trips out an no hook ups on the target species. But I got no complaints I just spent Fri, Sat and Sun fishing. I'm a lucky dude. Good luck on the beach.
  5. I fish Dam Neck after dark all the time.
  6. Went on to Poquoson today with the intention on fishing the flats. Launched from Messick road about 7 o'clock. Paddled against wind and current out to the bay, but it was a definite no go once we got there, at least for my skill level. I couldn't even put down my paddle long enough to make a cast. I would say the waves were consistently 2' but occasionally 3' or a bit bigger. Big enough to keep me focused on what position my yak was in. Definitely makes you respect the guys who fight big in big water, that stuff is no joke and takes a lot of skill. Anyways, we paddled in and fished Back River the rest of the day. I got skunked, but my buddy landed a nice 19" speck on a chaterousse gulp. It was a fat one too! I'll try to get a picture from him and post it. All in all great day on the water, the weather was awesome. Can't wait to try to get out on the bay again.
  7. Went out in the yak for a few hours this morning. Caught one nice one at 23 inches, and missed a couple of hook ups. Light tackle again, such a blast! Saw lots of tailing reds and lots of tiny little flounder. I mean tiny under 6 inches. I had to leave for work other wise I think I would have gotten some more. I am really trying hard to get into a big blue but there was none around today. I'll be trying again tomorrow if the weather doesn't turn to crap. Thanks!
  8. There was a hole there last year. Not sure if it's still there or not. There is some nice structure all up and down the beach there. It seems like the trough between the beach and the first sand bar was a lot deeper than last year all down the beach, and the sand bar is the perfect distance to be able to just lob over it and get it in the second trough when the tide is down a bit. And I saw a few nice out sucks too. Anyways I have high expectation for my favorite fishing beach this year!
  9. Spent the day on the beach with the wife, of course I had to soak some bait while she was working on the sun tan. It seems not much pullage going on from the beaches yet down here. Some skates around and I had a few bites with some good head shake involved but never hooked up. I'm sure there is some blues roaming around I just didn't find them today. One of the SUP'ers told me that he saw some schools of bait a hundred yards or so out of casting range. Anyways I got out in the beach and knocked some of the cob webs out of the heaver. Tight lines!
  10. The fishing here is good. Hampton Roads has one of the best fisheries in the world. We sit right at the corner of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean making us home to tons of fish tall year round. On top of that we are a major stop for fish that migrate in and out of the bay as well as fish that transit up and down the Atlantic Coast. Also we have the giant artificial reef system (the bridge-tunnels), and all though they make traffic suck, they hold lots of fish. Surf fishing for sharks is illegal in Va Beach. Not that I care, I catch them on accident while targeting whales. just saying don't plan on yakking bait out from the boardwalk. That being said there are plenty of sharks being caught around here and maybe a few big ones. We are only a few hours from Hatteras Island to the South and Assiteague island to the North. Both known for world class Sharkin. The big Drum run is in the fall. Not sure if we ever get a run in the spring, maybe one of the guys that have been in Hampton roads a few years longer than me will chime in on that. Anyways the puppy drum are already here. Caught some yesterday. Let us know when you are planning on coming to visit and we can give you a little better idea of what fish you can target during that time.
  11. Got out in the kayak yesterday with a buddy Monday. The morning started off slow with some crappy weather, it was windy, cold, and not very enjoyable, we pressed on anyways and around 1000 the sun came out and the bite picked up. The Pups are still around and biting! We ended up with 6 fish total, all slot size but one. One right at 25". Kept a couple for dinner. They were a blast to fight on light tackle. I was throwing some metal and my friend was using a top water mirro lure. Anything shiny should do the trick. I'm convinced that pups will eat anything they see, hear or smell. Good day on the water.
  12. Tnelson82

    Shark fishing?

    I have a tarpon 140. I can definitely handle a 6 mile paddle. I am open to the idea of getting a MWR boat also. I am definitely in. I happen to have off almost the whole week after Easter off. Otherwise any weekend I'm ready to go. Time to get the yak out of the garage and get that thing sea worthy for the summer!
  13. Tnelson82

    Shark fishing?

    @JCR. Yeah. I'll give you call. I'm underway at the moment but will be home soon. If you get out in a couple weeks I wouldn't mind tagging along. Either way Ill give you a call when I get home to get a little bit of info from you. Mainly I just want to make sure that I keep myself safe if I paddle out there.

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