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  1. Please run that inlet during the day so you can get a cookie crumb trail laid down. Last time I was down there there was an island/sand bar in the middle of the inlet. I was stationed down there at the CG station for about 2 years and saw some folks get in a bad way.
  2. I went the end of March...the coldest flippin day I have ever fished the river (29 degrees) and it turned out to be the best day of fishing I have ever had on the river. The Gizzard shad are very easy to catch as well, less time hunting them down. I have't been in about 2 weeks.....any body gone out or are we switching over to the salt?
  3. Any BFT folks catching em offshore? How about OBX. Man what a strange ocean season last year and even more so this year. I went striper fishing once last year during the open bay season, fished York river....zippo. Fished the BBT once a week after T day this year...zippo again. I haven't fished the ocean in two years now. Been hunting citation blue cats instead, cheaper to do and less time consuming. There's always next year I guess.
  4. Possible air leak? If you have a see thru filter check for air bubbles when the issue occurs.
  5. Also saw lots of Togers out at 3rd and 4th island yesterday. Chris's bait and tackle had a report for yesterday with some nice Stripets taken...didn't say where but I'm assuming off of Cape Charles or Kiptopeak. Hope to get out next week.
  6. Launched out of lynnhaven at 6 this morning and headed to the fourth island. After a nice short ride out we had 7 eels set out at various depths for about 1.5 hours before pulling it all in and casting soft plastic swim baits around the pillings with no luck. There was a boat that pulled up near us and was pulling up somthing consistently but never saw what. After that we darn near trolled a mojo below an umbrella rig to the high rise with no luck. After getting to the high rise we hit the larger pillings with swim baits, then went on the drift with eels for a half mile or so before heading home. Decent number of boats out but never saw a rockfish caught. On a side note we encountered a boat trolling in reverse. Turns out his fwd gear would not engage, he said he launched out of little creek....he was at the fourth island when we saw him. Hopefully he made it home and got Tow Boat US or Sea Tow. This was my first trip of the season and was great to be out on the water again.
  7. FYI, if you go to the Virginia marine fisheries site they have an excellent source of wrecks listed. You can click on each wreck/man made structure and pull up a lat and long grid for each piece of structure. It will even tell you what the structure is. Also the Capt Seagull's fishing charts are worth buying.
  8. Degrees, minutes, tenths of minutes (from left to right). You can also convert tenths of minutes to seconds depending on your preference. There are conversion charts available on the interweb.
  9. Trailer up to the wise point boat ramp or the ramp at Kiptopeke state park. I usually fish the CBBT out of Kiptopeke for Rocks.
  10. Check out Chris's bait and tackle fishing report hat was posted yesterday! Looks like the bite gas switched on from plantation down to CBBT. Now the wheather needs to cooperate.
  11. Maybe Andrew K has some info for you.
  12. Wow! Glad no one was hurt. I am almost certain the CG will have him flagged in their system, making a captain license renewal a bit more difficult for this moron.
  13. As far as I can recollect the bite was past the EEZ (3 mile line) and more like 8-15 miles offshore. The 2012 season was crazy off the beach and lots of folks were getting spooled. I run a Penn 80VSW with about 1200 yards of 150 dacron and a top shot of 80 to a 130 or 200 lb mono leader. The water is shallow therefore they will make long runs as they don't have the depth to sound.
  14. Well I work in Yorktown and wouldn't mind taking a look at what you have. Not sure where in Gloucster you live but could meet you somewhere out that way.
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