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  1. That stinks but hey that's fishing. From the picture it looks like the hook on the snap swivle is still there or maybe it isn't? That's a lot of pullen to do that. Tight lines
  2. Someone please get out there and chunk up a BFT. I have been wondering if that would be a better approach for a while now. Good luck to all. It's going to be a great weekend. Spending time with the fam this weekend but may try and get out one last time. Tight lines
  3. I launched out of Rude Inlet this past Sunday. The ramp was busy but we made it in the water fairly quickly. I headed North to the #1 can and went on the troll with 5 lines (2 mojos with chute rigs, red and white stretch 30, and 2 more chute rigs running shallow) in the water. We trolled North to about cape henry light and then turned East and headed to the 3 mile line then headed south for a mile or so. I only found a few SMALL clumps of bait. We caught one dogfish out by the Yellow Bouys. After that we started trolling East on a line to the 2C bouy where there were reports of a big bait ball and Rocks. We did find the bait and MORE dogfish, catching 2 more and also some blues that tore up a lot of the shad bodies on my Mojos and Chute rigs. There were several boats on the VHF off Cape Henry that reported catching Rocks up to about 36" range and lots of boats out by Ches light reporting tuna hookups...to inlcude a couple double headers. The offshore fleet was also catching plenty of stripers as well. We pulled the lines at 12:30 and headed for the ramp.
  4. I forgot all about the tourney....today was the last last day so hopefully the Owl's Creek ramp will not be to crowded? Heck maybe I'll run out to the light tower if nothing happens inshore. Tight lines
  5. Well I am going tomorrow as this wheather is to good to pass up however there is now a chance of rain in the AM and PM but yah can't catch em if yah don't go. Will launch out of Owl's creek early tomorrow and head North. Will be on Ch 68. Tight lines
  6. I wondered the same thing until I found good fishing off the Fourth Island 3 consecutive trips. I fished the highrise several times looking for a bigun and struck out. I fished several nights until about mid morning and found that when the tide slacked off to about 2 kts at sunrise the bite would turn on and I could scratch out some decent fish. My biggest so far fishing this area was a fat 41", 37", 31", and a 27" and about a dozen other misses all on eels. I decided to fish the bridge at night to get away from the crowd off Cape Charles and avoid traffic during my long commute from the Burg. There was always plenty of bait holding in this area as well. I had very poor results fishing off Kiptopekae and Cape Charles this year...I only landed one fish off Plantation earlier on in the season. Last year all my fish were off the ships.
  7. Texaco Wreck..NW of Cape charles has been good as well according to local knowledge
  8. I took my 5th trip from the Burg to Kiptopeke very early yesterday morning and went to the fourth island. We fished there until about 9ish and put a 29" in the boat and also missed another. It was a bit bumpy and was starting to pick up so we left and headed south to the Plantation area to meet up with some friends that were fishing there. We poked around trying to find some decent marks but never really marked much. Went on the troll a couple of times with no luck so we started drifting eels just inside of #34 and #35. Made a couple drifts there and then headed for the ramp at Kiptopeake at noon. It took about 45 min to get there as it had picked up to 3-4' and made a bumpy ride. Talked with a group that had been fishing "5 miles" off plantation and he said they had got a 4 person limit eeling.
  9. Marlin Maniac Yes I understand the differances....Maybe I am not used to how the tides/currents behave in the Chesapeake Bay....Low tide for Sat morning was 0302 however the water was still flowing pretty hard at the bridge and then slacked off around 6ish and then started to flood. I would expect there to be a constant outflow with all the rivers that flow into the bay. Anyway...just trying to make sense of the tides. Thanks for your input.
  10. Were you in the caos around Plantation? Just wondering...I have been fishing the CBBT Islands with very few boats around ...tyring not to go to plantation with all the traffic. Nice job on that 43"!
  11. Try the CBBT islands...with eels at night or very early in the morning, I'd bet youd do well with trolling. Not a lot of traffic then...there all fishing off Plantation
  12. Well I left the house last night at 9:30 PM and got home at 10 this AM. We fished most of the eddies at the highrise before picking one and staying put while the tide ripped out. At 3:30 we hadn't done anything and decided to run to the Fourth Island. From what my GPS and several tide tables had shown me for Fisherma's Island the low was supposed to be about 0305 but it was still slightly ebbing at 0700. Am I missing somthing with the tides for the bay? Every 6 hours there is a cycle but no tide tables are accurate....usually about 3 hours off in either direction. Anyway the Fourth Island was productive for us from about 0530 to 0700 when the tide eased up to maybe 2 kts and as the sun was rising. we put a 41" and 31" in the boat and missed several more. I used Sep's Mini Planer Boards on this trip to help open up my spread and it did work. The boards are very little and did work well most of the time with a 1 oz. inline sinker with the eel about 6' below it (no bobber). However when the tide slacked off the sinker was pulling the board under so I just took the sinker off. I cought one fish off the planer board so i was pleased with this tactic. Give it a try while drifting as well.
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