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  1. Fished the Canyon and caught YFT, mahi, mako and had a white marlin in the spread. The water looked better than expected once we got out there.
  2. Fished the Canyon on June 17, 2018. Very pretty water and great sea conditions. Caught decent size mahi and a mako throughout the day but no tuna. Water temp at the Canyon was 72-74 degrees.
  3. Fished south of the canyon at the temperature break. The temp break went from 68 degrees to 73 degrees. Ended up with 6 Mahi and a mako. Mostly gaffers. Did not see any tuna caught and did not have any tuna hits. Water was very pretty, no bait and not much life. Lots of grass that was scattered. Very pretty day to be on he water and was hoping for some tuna.
  4. Fished the fingers on August 6. Caught a 50 lb wahoo and 5 Mahi. Haven't fished there in years so I figured I'd give it a try. Well worth it.
  5. Fished out of Virginia Beach today a little north of the Cigar. Caught dolphin, YFT and marlin. Great day and it sounded like there was plenty of mahi around. Water temp was around 75 degrees.
  6. We caught 3 skipjack tunas about 5-7 miles east of CLT yesterday. Pulled a bunch of different baits but all fish were caught on blue and white feathers.
  7. Bob, just saw the post. We got them today at the North wall of the Canyon in 100 fathoms of water. Ended up with 3 decent dolphin and 3 long fin tuna. Thanks for the intel and see you out on the water. Mike
  8. Bob, I am headed out in the a.m. Where did you get into them? Mike
  9. Ran to the Canyon on 7/24. Caught a 55 lb. yellowfin. Other boats caught some big eyes and yellowfins. Lots of pilot whales and a pretty good bite that day. Hopefully, it will continue.
  10. Looks like you guys had a blast. Brad's boat looks great down there! Mike
  11. Fished off of Cape Henry from 2-4 today and nothing. Birds were diving, marked some bait, saw a whale, but no fish. We did see one striper caught, but that was it.
  12. That stinks. We were out there all day today and not one knock down. Of course, the saying, "Should have been here yesterday", applied to us. The fog remained all day and it was some of the lowest visiblity that I have seen in a while. Apparently, some stripers were caught at Cape Henry, but there was no love for us south of Rudee about 5 miles off the beach.
  13. Ran up North on the oceanside this morning. Birds were moving around but not working. Not much bait, not any fish. Heard it was real slow at Cape Henry as well with a ton of boats out there. Sorry for the bad report, but hopefully it will help avoid you burning gas by running North tomorrow.
  14. Went out today and worked the Canyon southeast of the fingers. Only managed one lost Mahi. The reports on the radio indicated that the tuna bite was early and then sporadic and scattered throughout the day. Water temps were 74/75 degrees and it was difficult to get back into cooler water. Good luck for those going tomorrow.
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